Work Area: Vertical Restraints

Chief economist defends CMA’s evidence-gathering before UK tribunal

Compare The Market’s counsel has accused the UK antitrust enforcer’s chief economist of gathering “bad evidence” during the agency’s probe into the price comparison website’s use of wide most-favoured-nation clauses.

09 November 2021

CMA outlines updates to vertical block exemption rules

The UK’s antitrust enforcer has recommended retaining the vertical block exemption regulation imported from the EU, albeit with “important amendments” including a prohibition on wide price parity clauses and allowances for sustainability-related cooperation.

04 November 2021

UK tribunal directs CMA to highlight evidence at issue in MFN appeal

A judge at the UK’s specialist competition tribunal has ordered the country’s antitrust enforcer to lay out each document it used to back up its claim that a price comparison website’s wide price parity clauses harmed competition in the home insurance market.

03 November 2021

Price parity clauses had no market effects, comparison website tells UK tribunal

The UK’s Competition and Markets Authority failed to prove that Compare The Market consistently enforced its wide most-favoured-nation clauses, the price comparison website’s counsel has argued on appeal.

02 November 2021

Compare The Market challenges MFN fine at UK tribunal

Compare The Market has kicked off its appeal against the UK enforcer’s first-ever fine for anticompetitive price parity requirements by arguing that the agency failed to prove that those clauses had any harmful market effects.

01 November 2021

Poland searches surveillance provider accused of RPM

Poland’s competition authority has raided the local subsidiary of video surveillance provider Dahua Technology and three of its distributors as part of a resale price maintenance investigation.

12 October 2021

Chinese enforcer sees red, hits Bull with major fine

China’s competition authority has fined electronic device manufacturer Bull Group €39.5 million for forcing retailers to follow its own set prices, often threatening sellers with sanctions if they failed to comply.

01 October 2021

Netherlands hits Samsung with first-ever vertical restraints fine

The Dutch competition authority has fined Samsung over €39 million for coordinating the prices of its televisions with seven online retailers, marking the first time it has ever fined a company for such behaviour.

29 September 2021

Taiwan fines Delivery Hero subsidiary for vertical restraints

Taiwan’s Fair Trade Commission has fined Asia’s largest food and grocery delivery platform for unlawfully dictating the prices charged by partner restaurants and stopping them from developing their own takeaway services.

22 September 2021

Greek authority continues dawn raids surge

Greece’s Competition Commission has raided several companies in the school equipment market based on concerns they breached resale price maintenance rules, confirming a shift in policy that has seen it increase the number of office inspections it launches.

17 September 2021

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