Work Area: Vertical Restraints

Amazon likely to face California’s pricing parity claims

The State of California has adequately alleged that Amazon’s parity provisions resulted in higher prices on its own marketplace and competing e-commerce platforms, a state court has ruled.

16 March 2023

DOJ’s Google ad tech case may proceed in “Rocket Docket”

A Virginia federal court has rejected Google’s request to transfer the US Department of Justice’s monopolisation lawsuit to New York, while signalling the case will move much faster than the litigating parties had hoped.

10 March 2023

Super Bock fails in bid to restart Portuguese class action

A Portuguese court has confirmed the suspension of a class action claim against Super Bock, after the brewing company pushed to have it restarted while simultaneously appealing against an infringement decision on which it is partly based.

24 February 2023

France sends Electrolux SO after decade-long probe

France’s Competition Authority has sent a statement of objections to Electrolux, accusing the company of fixing resale prices and exchanging competitively sensitive information with rivals.

23 February 2023

FTC hears mixed reviews of non-compete ban

Federal Trade Commission leadership heard industry group representatives lambast its proposed non-compete ban during a public forum yesterday, although proponents of the rule said the contractual restrictions had upended their lives.

17 February 2023

Peru seeks to curtail criminal antitrust sanctions and expand leniency protections

In a bid to revive its faltering leniency regime, Peru’s antitrust watchdog is calling for new legislation to exempt abuses of dominance and softcore cartels from criminal sanctions while increasing protections for whistleblowers.

09 February 2023

Fridge parts distributor hit with Robinson-Patman claims

A refrigerator repair company specialising in Sub-Zero-branded appliances has accused a parts distributor and two of its rivals of forcing it to overpay for necessary components in violation of the Robinson-Patman Act.

08 February 2023

Serbia raids central heating distributor over online RPM

Serbia’s competition authority has raided the local subsidiary of major central heating provider Vaillant and opened a probe to determine if the company fixed online retail prices for two brands sold in the country.

07 February 2023

Ukraine’s highest court orders enforcer to investigate media abuse complaint

Ukraine's Supreme Court has ordered the national antitrust watchdog to open a probe into an antitrust complaint that accuses the country’s four largest television broadcasters of collectively abusing their dominance after the enforcer refused to investigate the claims due to a lack of evidence.

02 February 2023

Class actions stack up against UK musical instrument makers

A consumer rights advocate has asked the UK’s Competition Appeal Tribunal to combine standalone and follow-on damages claims against multiple musical instrument manufacturers for alleged resale price maintenance after filing the country’s first proposed RPM collective action last year.

01 February 2023

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