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UK tribunal rejects CMA bid to challenge market investigation block

The UK’s Competition Appeal Tribunal has found “no compelling reason” to let the national antitrust enforcer appeal against its decision to quash a market investigation into Apple’s and Google’s dominance in the mobile browser and cloud gaming sectors.

03 May 2023

ACCC report urges regulatory reform to combat Meta dominance

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has urged the government to implement legal reforms tackling the harm Meta causes to consumers, after its latest digital platforms report concluded the company has “significant market power” in social media services.

03 May 2023

Google fails to down US DOJ's ad tech case

The US Department of Justice can proceed with its lawsuit seeking to break up Google’s online advertising business, a federal court in Virginia has ruled.

28 April 2023

Breton takes aim at “bad faith” patent licensors as final SEP policy proposal released

The European Commission’s proposed standard essential patent regulation aims to “bust de facto monopolies” and prevent licensors from “abusing judicial systems” to maintain their dominance, Thierry Breton has said.

28 April 2023

EU opens in-depth abuse probe into Spanish railway incumbent

The European Commission is investigating if Spain’s state-owned railway operator abused its dominance by refusing to supply necessary real-time data to rival ticketing platforms.

28 April 2023

Appeals court rejects states’ “odd” case against Meta

A New York-led coalition of states waited too long to bring their monopolisation lawsuit against Meta Platforms, the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit has held.

28 April 2023

UK unveils “watershed” tech legislation

The UK government has finally introduced a law establishing a new regulatory regime to tackle dominant technology companies and give the country’s competition authority bolstered investigative and enforcement powers.

25 April 2023

Interchange fee claims are not bound by EU limitation rules, Visa and Mastercard say

Visa and Mastercard have urged the UK’s specialist competition tribunal to apply domestic statute of limitations rules to interchange fee claimants seeking billions of pounds in damages from the card companies.

25 April 2023

CCI must decide complaint against new Google billing system, court rules

An Indian court has directed the country’s antitrust authority to investigate a complaint that Google’s upcoming new payment system for non-gaming application developers is anticompetitive.

25 April 2023

UK claimants argue lawsuits against Visa and Mastercard are not time-barred

Interchange fee claimants seeking billions of pounds in damages from Visa and Mastercard have urged the UK’s specialist competition tribunal to respect their “accrued EU law rights” and find their claims are not bound by domestic statute of limitations rules.

24 April 2023

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