Work Area: Unilateral Conduct

Italian enforcer opens abuse probe into used oil consortium

A national consortium of used mineral oils may have abused its dominance by hindering the operations of two new entrants through exclusionary and discriminatory conduct, Italy’s Competition Authority has said.

11 October 2023

Google curbed Apple’s idea for default Yahoo browser

Apple considered providing users with a choice of two search engines on its web browser but faced pushback from Google executives that said it would run afoul of their revenue-sharing pact, according to emails presented by the Department of Justice.

11 October 2023

Google exec: Budget cuts delaying ad interoperability tool

Google paused plans for its search advertising platform to offer real-time ad auctions on Bing because of painful budget cuts, a senior executive has said.

10 October 2023

ValueLicensing accuses Microsoft of delaying standalone damages claim

Software reseller ValueLicensing has likened Microsoft’s second attempt to split a €270 million standalone damages claim into separate trials to “Groundhog Day”.

09 October 2023

Google and Apple battle to avoid fines in Korea over app payments

Google and Apple are on the brink of receiving €47.7 million in penalties in Korea for failing to comply with a new law forcing them to allow third-party payment providers on their app stores.

09 October 2023

CAT sets trial roadmap for pass-on in interchange fee class actions

The UK’s specialist competition tribunal has laid out a blueprint for a trial to assess pass-on that will affect thousands of interchange fee claims after the parties failed to agree on how to address the issue.

06 October 2023

A Q&A with NZCC chair John Small

John Small took over as chair of New Zealand’s Commerce Commission in December 2022. He spoke with GCR about paying close attention to proposed merger reforms in Australia, using competition tools to tackle sustainability issues and how recent legal changes could encourage new digital market probes.

06 October 2023

Mehta ponders potential “cellophane fallacy” of search advertising substitutes

The judge presiding over the Department of Justice’s search monopolisation case has questioned one of the government’s hired experts on how to “distinguish fallacious from valid” Google search advertising substitutes.

06 October 2023

Germany strikes data-sharing deal with Google

Germany’s Federal Cartel Office has hailed a package of data commitments struck with Google’s parent company Alphabet as proof that the country’s Section 19A rules can complement and expand upon the EU’s Digital Markets Act.

05 October 2023

Canadian court certifies Qualcomm class action

Qualcomm has failed in its bid to stop certification of a Canadian standalone class action claim alleging it charged “supracompetitive prices” to phone makers.

02 October 2023

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