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DOJ grills Google exec on deleted chat messages

A Google executive has testified that he used chat messages that were automatically deleted despite being told to preserve any communications related to the Department of Justice’s online search monopoly lawsuit against his employer.

18 September 2023

Judge queries what consumers lose when Google is default search option

The judge presiding over the Department of Justice’s Google trial appeared to zero in on the agency’s hired behavioural economist on Thursday, questioning how the tech company’s position as a default search engine harms consumers.

15 September 2023

Google exec said default status necessary in negotiations with cell carriers

Google saw no value in partnerships with cell phone carriers that did not make Google the default search engine on their devices, a former executive has said.

14 September 2023

DOJ: Google viewed default search engine status as “strategic weapon”

Google’s chief economist promoted making search the default option on web browsers as an “Achilles’ heel” for rivals like Yahoo and MSN, according to documents produced by the Department of Justice during the opening day of its long-awaited monopoly maintenance trial.

13 September 2023

DOJ seeks extension following Google’s discovery errors in ad tech case

The Department of Justice and a coalition of state attorneys general say Google’s failure to produce at least one million documents as part of discovery will hamper their prosecution of the company’s digital advertising conduct.

12 September 2023

TikTok accused of facilitating predatory pricing in Indonesia

TikTok allows predatory pricing on its shopping platform, an Indonesian minister has said, arguing the government should split the company’s social media and e-commerce arms.

08 September 2023

EU reveals first DMA gatekeeper designations

Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, ByteDance, Meta and Microsoft have six months to ensure their core platform services comply with the Digital Markets Act now that the European Commission has designated them as gatekeepers under its new regime.

06 September 2023

Chile probes LATAM’s new ticketing sales system

Chile’s antitrust watchdog has opened an investigation into several airlines, which includes probing whether a new ticketing system from South America’s largest flag carrier infringes competition rules.

31 August 2023

Canadian court dismisses Amazon class action claim

Canadian claimants bringing a class action lawsuit against Amazon worth nearly €8.1 billion for alleged price-fixing agreements with retailers will appeal against a court’s ruling to deny certification.

30 August 2023

Zambia orders poultry suppliers to halt tying practices

Zambia’s competition authority has ordered two poultry companies to stop bundling their chickens with chick feed ahead of high seasonal demand.

30 August 2023

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