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Experts warn of antitrust risks from generative AI

There is a significant risk that gatekeepers could emerge in the generative artificial intelligence industry unless antitrust enforcers act now, several competition law experts have said.

18 April 2023

UK plans hefty cohort to enforce incoming digital rules

The UK’s Competition and Markets Authority is expecting to deploy at least 200 staff on the country’s highly-anticipated digital markets regime, which should go before lawmakers in “the next week or two”, an agency official has said.

17 April 2023

General Court applied "ridiculous" AEC standard in Intel, Régibeau says

The as-efficient competitor test should be treated as a benchmark rather than a definitive test because rivals that may not be “as efficient” as a dominant company can still sufficiently compete in a market, the European Commission’s chief competition economist has said.

17 April 2023

EU adopts DMA procedural rules

The European Commission has finally published a playbook spelling out how it will practically enforce its new rules for digital gatekeepers.

17 April 2023

Philadelphia Orchestra accused of crushing smaller rival

The Philadelphia Orchestra and the Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts unlawfully gained control of the market for local symphonic music through predatory pricing and other anticompetitive actions, an independent orchestra has said.

17 April 2023

Korea’s top court upholds tying ban on engineering company

Korea’s Supreme Court has upheld a lower court's decision to prohibit the world’s largest liquified natural gas containment provider from tying its technology licences with engineering services for storage tanks.

14 April 2023

Mehta: network effects may warrant Google trial

The fact that Google’s search engine improves in quality as it gains more users may justify the Department of Justice’s monopoly maintenance lawsuit going to trial, the judge presiding over the case has said.

14 April 2023

Korean Supreme Court upholds record Qualcomm fine

Korea’s top court has confirmed a €713.7 million abuse of dominance fine imposed on Qualcomm for violating a commitment to license its standard essential patents on fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory terms.

13 April 2023

DOJ: Too soon for Google to challenge market definition

The Department of Justice says it is far too early in litigation for Google to be opposing how the government defines digital advertising markets.

12 April 2023

KFTC fines Google €29 million for blocking rival app store

Korea’s antitrust watchdog has fined Google €29.2 million for attempting to thwart competition from a domestic rival in the mobile gaming application market by pressuring developers to launch apps exclusively through Google Play.

11 April 2023

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