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EU secures Google Android win, but exclusivity analysis rebuked again

The EU’s General Court has largely upheld the European Commission’s Google Android decision but cut its €4.3 billion fine by over €200 million due to procedural and substantive errors relating to the enforcer’s exclusivity allegations.

14 September 2022

Google faces follow-on actions for self-preferencing in online ad market

Publishers will file follow-on damages claims against Google in the UK and the Netherlands, seeking up to €25 billion in compensation after France’s Competition Authority sanctioned the technology company last year for favouring its own online advertising services over rivals.

13 September 2022

EU takes over Portuguese Google ad tech probe

The Portuguese Competition Authority has handed over a previously undisclosed investigation into Google to the European Commission after the authorities agreed that it overlaps with an EU probe launched into the same conduct last June.

12 September 2022

Heineken should face damages claim from Greek brewery in Dutch courts, local AG says

Heineken’s Greek subsidiary should have foreseen that it could be sued in the jurisdiction where its parent company is based when it infringed competition rules in Greece, an advocate-general at the Supreme Court of the Netherlands has said.

07 September 2022

Lufthansa challenges abuse of dominance decision

Germany’s Federal Cartel Office has ordered Lufthansa to indefinitely continue its long-standing cooperation agreement with rival Condor, suggesting that the flag carrier’s feeder flights amount to an essential facility.

02 September 2022

Philippines launches abuse probe into major telecoms providers

The Philippine Competition Commission is investigating accusations that the country’s two biggest mobile service providers abused their dominance by making it difficult for customers to connect with a new market entrant.

31 August 2022

Swiss enforcer lifts interim measures on Mastercard

Switzerland’s Competition Commission has lifted interim measures it imposed on Mastercard in an abuse of dominance probe after a local court suspended them for being disproportionate and unnecessary.

26 August 2022

New Zealand threatens price regulation if supermarkets don’t open up wholesale arms

New Zealand’s government has ordered the country’s supermarket duopolists to voluntarily provide rivals with fair access to their wholesale products or face price regulation.

26 August 2022

CCI allowed to resume probe into Intel over warranty policy

The Karnataka High Court has dismissed Intel’s appeal against an abuse of dominance investigation into its warranty policy.

24 August 2022

Sony faces £5 billion competition class action in the UK

A consumer rights advocate is seeking up to £5 billion in damages from Sony on behalf of nine million consumers that allegedly overpaid for digital games or in-game content when making purchases from the PlayStation Store.

22 August 2022

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