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UK consults on “bespoke” state aid regime

The UK government is preparing a state subsidy control regime to preserve competition in the country’s internal market, overseen by a new regulator that might potentially sit within the Competition and Markets Authority.

03 February 2021

Apple state aid battle goes to ECJ

The European Commission has confirmed it will challenge the EU General Court’s decision to annul its order forcing Ireland to collect €13 billion in alleged illegal state aid granted to Apple.

25 September 2020

UK confirms it will scrap EU state aid rules

The UK government will follow World Trade Organization rules on subsidy control after the country leaves the European Union at the end of this year.

10 September 2020

General Court annuls Apple state aid ruling

The EU General Court has quashed the European Commission’s decision requiring Ireland to collect €13 billion in allegedly unpaid taxes from Apple because the enforcer failed to prove that Ireland granted the tech company a selective economic advantage.

15 July 2020

EU foreign subsidy white paper leaves more questions than answers, lawyers say

Competition lawyers have said sweeping proposals to curb anticompetitive foreign subsidies from outside the European Union need more clarification on how the rules will be enforced.

18 June 2020

Vestager refuses to pause state aid rules

EU competition commissioner Margrethe Vestager has rejected a request from Austrian politicians to suspend European state aid rules during the coronavirus pandemic.

01 May 2020

DG Comp official: state aid amendments will “incentivise” coronavirus research

The European Commission has introduced additional temporary state aid measures so EU member states can more easily fund research, infrastructure and equipment related to potential covid-19 treatments.

14 April 2020

DG Comp offers “informal” coronavirus guidance

The European Commission is “ready to guide” companies and lawyers on acceptable cooperation agreements during the coronavirus pandemic.

31 March 2020

Flybe rescue is state aid, RyanAir alleges

RyanAir has joined calls for the UK government to share details of the “billionaire bailout” reportedly granted to failing airline Flybe, claiming any such loan is illegal state aid.

29 January 2020

UK Conservative Party plans to scrap EU state aid rules

The UK’s Conservative Party has proposed to scrap EU state aid rules and move the country to a new regime based on World Trade Organisation commitments on restricting harmful subsidies.

29 November 2019

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