Work Area: Private Antitrust Litigation

Leafield accused of flouting DOJ decree

Collegiate sports multimedia rights company Learfield Communications violated both antitrust law and a settlement with the Department of Justice by requiring a potential rival to sign a noncompete agreement, an industry newcomer has alleged.

01 September 2022

Eleventh Circuit revives Google advertising lawsuit

A Georgia federal court was wrong to label digital advertising company Inform’s monopolisation complaint against Google a haphazard shotgun-pleading, the US Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit has said.

30 August 2022

Magistrate judge: Claims against Amazon and “Big Five” amount to legal parallel conduct

An independent bookstore has failed to sufficiently support its allegations that Amazon entered into unlawful agreements with the country’s five major publishers that pushed up book prices, a magistrate judge has said.

26 August 2022

Another trucks settlement reached in the UK

Iveco has settled a UK follow-on damages claim brought by two claimants seeking compensation from the EU trucks cartel.

25 August 2022

MLB hopes to strikeout wage-fixing suit at certification stage

A group of minor league players should not be allowed to move forward as an antitrust class “based on nothing more than their say-so” – especially in light of Major League Baseball’s pending motion to dismiss their lawsuit, the league has argued.

25 August 2022

Sony faces £5 billion competition class action in the UK

A consumer rights advocate is seeking up to £5 billion in damages from Sony on behalf of nine million consumers that allegedly overpaid for digital games or in-game content when making purchases from the PlayStation Store.

22 August 2022

Canadian court upholds dismissal of hockey class action claim

A Canadian appellate court has upheld a ruling that tossed out a competition class action claim against several North American ice hockey leagues, despite finding the lower court made analytical errors when considering the case.

19 August 2022

Italian court rejects economist’s claim against enforcer

An Italian administrative court has thrown out allegations from an economist at Italy’s Competition Authority that the agency unlawfully refused to promote him or apply non-arbitrary criteria when selecting its heads of units.

19 August 2022

Universities not immune from price-fixing claims, Illinois court rules

Seventeen private universities must face allegations they conspired to reduce the amount of financial aid awarded to undergraduate students, an Illinois federal court has ruled.

16 August 2022

Dutch appeals court rejects interim relief request against news publisher

A Dutch appellate court has affirmed a lower court’s refusal to order DPG Media to continue supplying its news content to a digital platform, ruling there was insufficient evidence that the publisher abused its dominant position in the wholesale daily newspaper market.

10 August 2022

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