Work Area: Private Antitrust Litigation

Medtronic fails to dismiss exclusive dealing claims

A surgical device manufacturer may proceed with claims that Medtronic unlawfully cornered off the market for certain medical devices through anticompetitive bundling, a California federal judge has ruled.

04 August 2023

Fresh Google Shopping damages claim filed in UK

A Kelkoo subsidiary has filed a new damages claim against Google before the Competition Appeal Tribunal, accusing it of self-preferencing and excluding rivals from the comparison shopping market.

03 August 2023

Canada cans tuna class actions

Inapplicable expert evidence that failed to address the uniqueness of the Canadian market “torpedoed” a pair of class action lawsuits accusing several canned tuna companies of fixing prices, a court has ruled.

03 August 2023

Amazon should face ebook claims, magistrate recommends

Amazon may have to face claims it illegally monopolised the market for retail ebooks after a magistrate judge in New York found that purchasers had plausibly alleged they suffered antitrust injury.

03 August 2023

Dismiss video ad suit, Google tells court

Google has maintained that its decision to stop supporting Adobe Flash in favour of HTML5 was not anticompetitive, as it seeks to dismiss allegations it monopolised the market for online video advertising.

02 August 2023

NFL seeks summary judgment in Sunday Ticket case

The National Football League and its franchises have asserted that two groups of DirecTV subscribers are improperly broadening claims that it entered into anticompetitive agreements to exclusively broadcast certain games.

02 August 2023

Price-fixing case against Express Scripts survives

Express Scripts must confront allegations that it illegally conspired with Mallinckrodt to boost the price of a drug that treats infant seizures, an Illinois federal judge has said.

01 August 2023

Arbitration clauses in consumer contracts are enforceable, Canadian court rules

A decision forcing Amazon purchasers to arbitrate their competition claims against the company was correct, a Canadian appellate court has confirmed, while noting that the country’s government could legislate to shield consumers from arbitration clauses in competition cases.

31 July 2023

PayPoint draws second UK damages claim over exclusivity arrangements

PayPoint’s exclusivity arrangements with the major energy suppliers amounted to an abuse of dominance that restricted the ability of future entrants to compete in the market, a rival seeking damages has claimed.

31 July 2023

NCAA fails to dismiss wage-fixing claims

The National Collegiate Athletic Association must face claims that it illegally fixed the wages of assistant coaches, a California federal judge has held – rejecting the organisation’s motion to dismiss.

31 July 2023

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