Work Area: Private Antitrust Litigation

Mastercard claims CAT had “ulterior” motive for expanding Merricks class action

Mastercard has accused the UK’s Competition Appeal Tribunal of being influenced by public interest considerations in allowing Walter Merricks to amend his multi-billion pound class action claim against the credit card company to include millions of additional claimants.

03 November 2022

CAT allows appeal against first-ever opt-in certification ruling

The UK’s specialist competition tribunal has stayed an opt-in collective damages claim against members of the EU trucks cartel to allow a competing claimant group to challenge its certification decision.

31 October 2022

Jury clears Credit Suisse of rigging forex rates

A New York federal jury has absolved Credit Suisse of allegations it conspired with rivals to fix foreign currency exchange rates, rewarding the only bank that refused to settle the private litigation.

24 October 2022

Tickets available for GCR Live: Antitrust in Pharmaceuticals

GCR Live: Antitrust in Pharmaceuticals is returning to New York in December, with panels discussing killer acquisitions, the diverging enforcement of pay-for-delay deals and the Inflation Reduction Act.

21 October 2022

Separate trials not possible in Apple class action, CAT rules

The UK’s Competition Appeal Tribunal has rejected Apple’s request to hold a separate trial on market definition and dominance in a £1.5 billion class action claim against the technology company, finding it is impossible to establish a “clean split” between those issues and the alleged abuse.

21 October 2022

Canadian court says it has jurisdiction over proposed e-cigarette class action

A court in British Columbia has rejected an application by e-cigarette company Altria seeking to dismiss a proposed class action alleging it colluded with rival Juul to design and market vaping products, ruling it can hear claims based on damages suffered in the province even if a company does not conduct any business in Canada.

18 October 2022

Canadian court certifies HDD class action claim

A Canadian court has allowed a nationwide class of plaintiffs to bring a collective damages claim against several members of the international hard disc drive suspension cartel.

13 October 2022

CAT rejects banks’ request for early ruling on limitation defences in UK forex claim

The UK’s Competition Appeal Tribunal has dismissed a request from several major banks accused of manipulating foreign exchange rates to hold a separate trial on their statute of limitation defences, finding that their arguments are not a “slam dunk” and would cause considerable delay to a parallel case.

12 October 2022

Sports data and betting companies settle litigation during CAT trial

Sportradar has settled its competition law claims against three sports data and betting companies, bringing an end to a trial that started last week before the UK’s Competition Appeal Tribunal.

11 October 2022

Class actions brought on behalf of businesses face “rocky road”, barrister warns

A significant difference in how the UK’s Competition Appeal Tribunal has treated class action claims brought on behalf of consumers and businesses means the latter likely face a “rocky road” in future, a leading competition barrister has said.

06 October 2022

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