Work Area: Private Antitrust Litigation

Magistrate: MLB exemption neutralises wage-fixing suit

A group of former minor league players should not be allowed to proceed with their claims that Major League Baseball and its members conspired to depress their wages, a Puerto Rico magistrate judge has said.

02 June 2023

Supreme Court ends challenge to ro-ro class action certification

The UK’s Supreme Court has declined to hear an attempt by three vehicle shipping companies seeking to overturn the certification of a cartel damages class action, marking the end of the road for their challenge.

01 June 2023

Judge: market definition necessary in no-poach cases

A proposed class of engineers must allege a relevant market to prove Raytheon Technologies and Pratt & Whitney entered into a per se illegal no-poach conspiracy, a federal judge in Connecticut has ruled.

01 June 2023

Las Vegas newspaper seeks summary judgment on rival’s monopolisation claims

The Las Vegas Sun cannot claim antitrust injury from a deal it made with the Las Vegas Review-Journal because it no longer sells newspapers in the region, its rival has said.

01 June 2023

City seeks class certification against Mallinckrodt, Express Scripts

The City of Rockford, Illinois, has sought to certify three classes of infant seizure drug purchasers that it claims were harmed by Mallinckrodt’s exclusive distribution agreement with Express Scripts.

31 May 2023

CAT to hear first-ever standalone carriage dispute in parallel Google claims

The UK’s Competition Appeal Tribunal has agreed to decide which of two proposed class representatives seeking up to €25 billion in damages from Google is best placed to proceed with their claim ahead of a full certification hearing.

30 May 2023

Qualcomm entered exclusive contracts with Samsung too, cell phone purchasers say

A class of cell phone purchasers has said they have the evidence to support their last remaining allegation against Qualcomm’s modem chip licensing policy.

30 May 2023

Judge Sorokin punts private Northeast Alliance case to New York

The judge who ruled for the Department of Justice in recently striking down a revenue-sharing pact between American Airlines and JetBlue has said his expertise does not warrant making the airlines fight off lawsuits in two different venues.

26 May 2023

UK interchange fee claimants must be subject to cross-examination, Mastercard argues

The UK’s specialist competition tribunal should reject interchange fee claimants’ push to use survey data as factual evidence instead of individual oral testimony at trial, Mastercard has said.

24 May 2023

NY tour buses formed another unlawful joint venture, rival says

A New York City tour bus operator has sued two of its competitors, claiming their joint venture illegally monopolised the market for passes to the city’s top attractions.

24 May 2023

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