Work Area: Market Studies & Inquiries

JFTC seeks to curb Apple and Google duopoly

Japan’s Fair Trade Commission has warned Apple and Google that they may be infringing the country’s antitrust laws through their alleged duopoly over mobile operating systems and urged both to change their behaviour to boost competition.

10 February 2023

Apple and Google hit back at CMA market investigation

The UK’s Competition and Markets Authority has suggested that Apple adopt “plainly unreasonable” changes to its iOS operating system and incorrectly found that Google’s Android uses default settings to create market barriers, the companies have alleged.

08 February 2023

Ofcom considers possible antitrust probe over broadband discount plan

The UK’s communications regulator is collecting evidence for a possible antitrust probe into a BT subsidiary’s plan to lower wholesale pricing for fibre broadband services, despite provisionally concluding that the latest price changes do not restrict competition.

03 February 2023

Sweden launches electric charging market study

The Swedish Competition Authority has opened a sector inquiry into the electric vehicle charging market to establish if some municipalities and a state-owned energy provider prevented new rivals from entering the market.

02 February 2023

Commerce Department calls for action against app stores

The department responsible for advising the White House on telecommunications policy has urged Congress to pass legislation that would limit Apple’s and Google’s control over their respective app stores.

02 February 2023

Argentina confirms limited access to market study files

Argentina’s National Commission for Competition Defence has published its first guidelines on market investigations, clarifying that companies cannot access files compiled during sectoral studies.

24 January 2023

Norwegian government signals supermarket price-fixing concerns

Norway’s trade minister reportedly wants the country’s competition watchdog to check whether supermarket chains have colluded to raise prices by announcing planned hikes through local media.

13 January 2023

FTC committed to Robinson-Patman reactivation with Pepsi/Coke probe

The Federal Trade Commission’s probe into how Coca-Cola and PepsiCo price their beverages highlights its commitment to embracing overlooked enforcement tools, several antitrust practitioners have said.

13 January 2023

Brazil, Sweden and Poland open fuel pricing investigations

Brazil’s antitrust watchdog has opened a preliminary probe into a suspected fuel resale cartel, as enforcers in Sweden and Poland have launched market inquiries into rising fuel prices.

09 January 2023

Greek market study reveals “inherent weaknesses” in fintech sector

Greece’s Competition Commission has identified weaknesses in the country’s growing financial technology market that could allow large and more established technology companies to exploit their access to data and foreclose start-ups.

04 January 2023

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