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Treasury says workers underpaid by 20%

Federal Trade Commission chair Lina Khan has said that labour issues will continue to be a top priority for her agency, as the US Department of the Treasury released a report estimating that US workers are paid 20 cents on the dollar less than they would be in a fully competitive market.

08 March 2022

CCI chair calls for greater input from academia

The chair of India's antitrust watchdog has said there should be greater collaboration between his agency and the academic community to bolster antitrust economic analysis, but cautioned that such analysis must fit within the established legal framework.

07 March 2022

EU releases updates to HBER and related guidance

The European Commission has included a dedicated chapter to sustainability in its new draft horizontal guidelines, while also updating its exemption rules for research and development agreements between competitors.

01 March 2022

Korea probes cloud services sector

Korea’s antitrust watchdog has launched a survey to uncover whether there are competition issues in the growing cloud sector, including related to the concentration of data.

28 February 2022

ACCC seeks feedback on regulatory framework for digital platforms

Australia’s competition watchdog is seeking feedback on a possible new regulatory framework for digital platforms that would prohibit certain conduct and introduce codes of practice, targetted merger controls and rule-making powers for the agency.

28 February 2022

African enforcers adopt joint approach in digital markets

Competition authorities in Egypt, Kenya, Mauritius, Nigeria and South Africa have announced plans to harmonise merger notification frameworks and start sharing information as part of a push to “work more closely” in scrutinising digital markets across Africa.

21 February 2022

French rail regulator flags obstacles to privatising the market

Access to infrastructure and financial data is crucial for new rail companies to enter the French network as the sector opens up to competition for the first time, the country’s transport regulator has said following an in-depth study.

18 February 2022

Treasury Department decries alcohol regulations and concentration

The US Department of the Treasury is urging the federal antitrust agencies to push back on state regulations and market concentration that may be harming competition for beer, wine and spirits.

10 February 2022

Coscelli “frustrated” with lack of digital regulation

The UK antitrust enforcer’s chief executive has lamented that the country has fallen behind the EU on digital regulation, warning that new powers are urgently needed to tackle the world’s first “global monopolies”.

09 February 2022

COFECE suspends enforcement decisions over lack of commissioners

Mexico’s antitrust authority is facing a decision-making standstill after it was forced to suspend several of its procedural deadlines because the country’s president has failed to propose new commissioners to the senate.

02 February 2022

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