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Mundt attempts to quell concerns from proposed German amendments

Andreas Mundt has said proposals to give his agency new sector inquiry powers to impose remedies on companies without establishing an infringement include several safeguards and will not amount to a quick fix.

17 April 2023

Turkish market study suggests more updates to antitrust rules

Turkey’s antitrust watchdog has suggested additional amendments to the country’s competition law after a sectoral study found Meta and Google could be harming competition for online advertising.

12 April 2023

German amendments are “frightening” and “far-reaching”, lawyers say

German lawyers have said proposed amendments to the country’s competition law represent a major paradigm shift, as the government plans to give the national antitrust enforcer sweeping sector inquiry powers that would allow it to break up companies without establishing an infringement.

06 April 2023

UK regulator may suggest CMA cloud sector probe into Amazon, Microsoft and Google

The UK’s Office of Communication has signalled an intent to refer its cloud services study to the country’s competition authority to conduct a more in-depth probe that could result in price caps on data transfers and interoperability requirements.

05 April 2023

CMA imposes rare price cap on Motorola to end “supernormal profits”

The UK’s Competition and Markets Authority is limiting how much Motorola Solutions can charge emergency services to use its Airwave network, although the company says it will challenge such an “egregious overreach”.

05 April 2023

Apple succeeds in blocking CMA market investigation

The UK antitrust enforcer has said a ruling from the Competition Appeal Tribunal to quash its market investigation into Apple’s and Google’s dominance in the mobile browser and cloud gaming sectors risks “substantially undermining” its powers.

03 April 2023

Greece mulls oil company sanctions for obstructing sector study

The investigative arm of Greece’s Competition Commission has requested fines against a major energy group and an individual for obstructing a dawn raid carried out as part of a sectoral study into the petroleum sector.

30 March 2023

Turkey probes earthquake recovery markets

Turkey’s Competition Authority has begun a wide-ranging sector inquiry to check for anticompetitive conduct in markets crucial to the country’s recovery from one of its worst-ever earthquakes.

21 March 2023

South African enforcer flags ChatGPT concerns in market inquiry

The Competition Commission of South Africa is set to probe concerns about the relationship between digital platforms and news publishers, including how new technologies such as ChatGPT use media content.

20 March 2023

Mexico probes mobile telecoms market in two separate studies

Mexico’s telecommunications regulator has opened two market studies to assess how access to radio spectrum and the availability of distribution channels affects competition in the mobile telecoms sector.

17 March 2023

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