Work Area: Market Studies & Inquiries

Mexico probes mobile telecoms market in two separate studies

Mexico’s telecommunications regulator has opened two market studies to assess how access to radio spectrum and the availability of distribution channels affects competition in the mobile telecoms sector.

17 March 2023

Canadian enforcer proposes additional Competition Act amendments

Canada’s Competition Bureau has called for several dozen amendments to the country’s antitrust law, as it looks to beef up its enforcement powers following a string of recent court losses.

16 March 2023

Austria examines food delivery platforms in new sector inquiry

Austria’s antitrust watchdog has launched an inquiry into the online food delivery sector, warning that Uber Eats’ exit from the country four years ago created a highly-concentrated domestic market that warrants closer scrutiny.

15 March 2023

Apple looks to terminate UK’s cloud gaming and mobile browsers market inquiry

Apple has urged the UK’s Competition Appeal Tribunal to quash a market investigation launched by the national antitrust watchdog last year, claiming the agency breached the procedural rules for initiating such an inquiry.

10 March 2023

ACCC probes Big Tech’s “expanding ecosystems”

Australia’s competition watchdog has launched another market study into digital platforms, as its latest probe examines the “expanding ecosystems” of Google, Apple, Meta, Microsoft and Amazon.

08 March 2023

Kenya probes online food delivery market

Kenya's antitrust enforcer will open a market inquiry to assess competition in the online food delivery market, which could result in regulatory and policy reform.

07 March 2023

Agriculture Department says intellectual property consolidation may harm competition

The concentration of market power and intellectual property rights in the hands of a few agrochemical companies has restructured the seed market and likely disadvantaged new entrants and farmers, the US Department of Agriculture has said.

07 March 2023

UK financial services regulator flags competition concerns in trade data market

A probe by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority has warned that the domestic market for trade data used by banks and other investors is overly concentrated to the detriment of competition and consumers.

03 March 2023

CMA launches housebuilding market study

The UK’s antitrust enforcer has launched a market study into the country’s housebuilding sector but warned competition alone will not unlock a homebuilding boom amid concerns the government is set to miss its housing targets.

28 February 2023

French study looks to drive competition in e-vehicle charging sector

France's antitrust agency has launched a market inquiry into electric vehicle charging infrastructure, in a bid to help transform the country’s transport sector in line with EU sustainability targets.

17 February 2023

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