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Motorola says CMA used “made-up” methodology in Airwave price cap decision

Motorola has accused the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority of relying on a flawed and “made-up” profitability analysis methodology to justify imposing a price cap on how much the company can charge emergency services to use its Airwave network.

02 August 2023

South African enforcer’s landmark market study pinpoints remedies for online platforms

Google, Apple, Booking.Com and Takealot are among companies facing a “raft of remedial action” following a market study in South Africa that echoes recent European antitrust developments.

01 August 2023

Retailers must display unit prices clearly or risk enforcement action, CMA says

The UK government should tighten its unit pricing rules to better help shoppers compare product prices, the country’s national antitrust enforcer has said in an update on its probe into competition in the groceries sector.

20 July 2023

FCA flags Big Tech ‘data advantages’ for future scrutiny

Apple and Amazon’s data advantages in the consumer credit and insurance sectors have been flagged as ripe for scrutiny by the UK’s financial services watchdog.

13 July 2023

Australian digital platform inquiry shifts focus to data brokers

Australia’s antitrust watchdog has begun scrutinising data broker services as part of a market study probing potential concerns about barriers to entry and spillover competition effects in other sectors.

10 July 2023

Break up abusive firms and amend SLC test, says ex-ACCC head

A former head of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has recommended a host of reforms to the country’s antitrust regime that would empower the enforcer to forcibly break up companies found to have abused their market power.

10 July 2023

Lawyers question Norwegian proposals to enhance sector inquiry powers

The Norwegian Competition Authority has praised a government proposal to allow the agency to impose behavioural or structural remedies following a market study, but local competition lawyers have said the amendments are "intrusive" and require further consultation.

03 July 2023

UK government vows to expose “rip off” retailers following CMA fuel probe

The UK government has promised to force retailers to publish accessible and up-to-date fuel pricing information after a market study by the national antitrust watchdog warned that weak competition has led to higher costs for drivers.

03 July 2023

Lock-in effects in cloud computing sector warrant closer scrutiny, French enforcer says

Enforcement action may be necessary against the likes of Amazon, Microsoft and Google to address concerns that customers are being locked into their rapidly-growing cloud ecosystems, France’s Competition Authority has said after studying the market.

30 June 2023

Greece: Amended Antitrust Law and increased cooperation fuel Hellenic Competition Commission’s proactive enforcement

Featured in Europe, Middle East and Africa Antitrust Review 2024

Targeted legislative changes and a focus on partnerships with regulatory authorities are shaping Greece’s antitrust regime, influencing its protections against anticompetitive behaviour, abuse of dominance and improper mergers.

30 June 2023

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