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Apple and Google have a “vice-like” grip over mobile phone use, CMA says

The UK’s Competition and Markets Authority has provisionally found that Apple’s and Google’s duopoly enables them to control how online content is provided to users and to tilt the playing fields towards their own services.

14 December 2021

FTC demands info on supply chain disruptions

The Federal Trade Commission has ordered prominent retailers, suppliers and wholesalers to produce documents to help the agency investigate how product delays and shortages have harmed competition.

30 November 2021

Pakistan’s Supreme Court weighs standard for launching market inquiry

Pakistan’s Supreme Court has allowed the country's competition agency to resume its market study into the cooking oil and ghee sector but it will continue to assess the legality of the inquiry.

26 November 2021

New Zealand launches building supplies market study

New Zealand’s Commerce Commission has launched its third-ever market study, this time assessing competition in the residential building supplies market following concerns about rising costs.

23 November 2021

CCI: quality concerns undermining pharmaceutical competition

A key hurdle to greater price competition for generic drugs in India is consumer concern and information asymmetry about quality, according to a market study conducted by the country’s competition watchdog.

19 November 2021

CMA looks to open up electric car charging market

The UK’s leading electric vehicle charge point provider has promised to end exclusivity agreements with three major service station operators, after the country’s antitrust enforcer identified competition concerns in the market.

17 November 2021

Bulgaria accuses Lukoil of unlawfully obstructing fuel imports

Bulgaria’s competition authority has accused Lukoil, one of the world’s largest energy companies, of abusing its dominance in the local fuel market by restricting its competitors’ access to pipelines connected to the country’s largest offshore oil terminals.

12 November 2021

Experts evaluate ICN's progress on its 20th birthday

As the International Competition Network celebrated its 20th anniversary on Monday, antitrust experts reflected on potential improvements that can be made and how the group has exceeded their expectations by unifying global competition enforcement.

29 October 2021

ACCC looks to tackle Google’s search dominance with choice screens

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has recommended introducing a mandatory choice screen to provide consumers with a selection of search engines to address Google’s dominance in the market.

28 October 2021

CMA launches market investigation into Motorola’s Airwave network

The UK’s Competition and Markets Authority has launched a market investigation into Motorola’s Airwave network – the mobile radio network used by all emergency services in Great Britain – after a public consultation reinforced the agency’s concerns that the company may be earning excess profits.

25 October 2021

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