Work Area: Cartels

Spanish courts are not ATMs in trucks cartel claims, appellate panel says

An appellate court in Valencia has rebuked a lower court for awarding damages in a follow-on Trucks claim against AB Volvo based on a widely-accepted 5% overcharge, warning that judges are not ATMs and must demand proper evidence to support such quantifications of harm.

12 December 2022

Major steelmaker tried to induce cartel, Australian court finds

An Australian court has found that the country’s largest steelmaker attempted to induce nine businesses to enter into a cartel to fix the price of flat steel products.

09 December 2022

CMA hits BMW with maximum fine for noncooperation with cartel probe

The UK’s antitrust enforcer has fined BMW for failing to provide information in its investigation into alleged collusion in the vehicle recycling market, rejecting the manufacturer’s argument that it cannot compel production from companies based outside the UK.

08 December 2022

General Court upholds readopted food packaging cartel fine

The EU’s General Court has rejected a food packaging consortium’s appeal against a readopted €9.4 million fine for its subsidiary’s involvement in three cartels, ruling that the group failed to prove that its business was at risk of collapsing and unable to pay the penalty.

07 December 2022

DOJ: Cartel used violence to monopolise car shipping business

The Department of Justice has charged eight individuals with using kidnappings, beatings, shootings and threats to monopolise the market for forwarding used cars from the southern tip of Texas into Latin America.

07 December 2022

EU sends SO to banks in third bond cartel probe after settlement talks fail

The European Commission has accused Deutsche Bank and Rabobank of exchanging commercially sensitive information and coordinating the prices of several Euro-dominated bonds for 11 years after settlement negotiations broke down.

06 December 2022

Indian court orders enforcer to reissue tyre cartel decision

India’s specialist antitrust tribunal has ordered the country's competition watchdog to reduce the €208 million price-fixing fines it levied against five tyre companies, due to “inadvertent and arithmetical” calculation errors and to save the wider market.

06 December 2022

DOJ “properly defined” hub-and-spoke no-poach market, court rules

The Antitrust Division did not violate the defence rights of six individuals it has charged with orchestrating a conspiracy through Pratt & Whitney not to hire each other’s aerospace engineers, a federal court has ruled.

06 December 2022

Law firms adopt “novel strategy” in Spanish milk cartel claims

Eskariam and Hausfeld have filed several grouped lawsuits on behalf of dairy farmers seeking compensation stemming from the Spanish enforcer’s long-running milk cartel probe, using a “novel strategy” to circumvent the absence of a class action regime in the country.

05 December 2022

Swiss enforcer targets banking sector in first labour markets probe

Switzerland’s Competition Commission is investigating if 34 banks violated the country’s cartel rules by exchanging information related to employee salaries, marking its first-ever foray into labour markets.

05 December 2022

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