Work Area: Cartels

Austria seeks significant fines and expands largest-ever cartel probe

Austria’s Federal Competition Authority has asked the country’s specialist competition court to fine two construction companies for taking part in a wide-ranging cartel, while also accusing two more businesses of participating in the conspiracy.

28 October 2022

Tirole: EU emissions case was “right outcome, wrong process”

Independent agencies – including antitrust enforcers – should be wary of broadening their mandates in a bid to correct government failures, Nobel prize-winning economist Jean Tirole has said.

27 October 2022

Mexico breaks up bus cartel

Mexico’s Federal Economic Competition Commission has fined 18 bus companies and 31 of their executives approximately €61 million for fixing prices and dividing the market in what is thought to be its highest ever cartel fine.

26 October 2022

Pan-African enforcement regime on the horizon, South African minister says

There is “considerable scope” under a new African free trade agreement for a continent-wide “competition protocol” that facilitates more than just “friendly cooperation” between enforcers, South Africa’s trade and competition minister has said.

26 October 2022

Former waste management chief exec pleads guilty to Australian criminal cartel charges

The former head of a waste management company has admitted to criminally aiding and abetting the fixing of prices for demolition waste services in Sydney.

25 October 2022

Sweden hands down first penalties with new fining powers

Sweden’s Competition Authority has issued its first fines since it was given decision-making powers in March 2021, sanctioning two taxi companies for colluding to rig a tender to supply a small town with transport services.

24 October 2022

Jury clears Credit Suisse of rigging forex rates

A New York federal jury has absolved Credit Suisse of allegations it conspired with rivals to fix foreign currency exchange rates, rewarding the only bank that refused to settle the private litigation.

24 October 2022

CADE head calls to investigate poor-performing pollsters amidst heated presidential election

The president of Brazil’s antitrust enforcer has asked his agency to probe if several research institutes colluded to manipulate election polling results – and ultimately the country’s general elections.

19 October 2022

DOJ fails to secure any chicken convictions

The Department of Justice has dismissed its case against the final two executives it had accused of conspiring to fix prices for chickens after the presiding court signalled it would not allow the government to present most of its evidence.

18 October 2022

EU lawmakers accuse Big Tech of “astroturfing” to sway DMA

Three members of the European Parliament have accused Amazon, Google and Meta of breaching lobbying transparency rules by using five smaller associations to influence the Digital Markets Act and the Digital Services Act on their behalf.

17 October 2022

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