Work Area: Cartels

Gender considerations will lead to better competition enforcement, say experts

Competition authorities must adopt a “gender lens” in their work to consider the diversity of leadership boards and incorporate gender into merger and cartel analysis, a group of competition experts have said.

29 September 2023

DOJ sues Agri Stats over information sharing with meat cartels

The Department of Justice has accused analytics company Agri Stats of facilitating chicken, pork and turkey cartels by sharing competitively sensitive information about price and output.

29 September 2023

Whish: Abuse of dominance rules no longer work in digital markets

King’s College London emeritus professor Richard Whish has said he’s “lost confidence” in the ability of EU abuse of dominance rules to effectively police the online economy.

28 September 2023

Novel EU cartel decision incoming, Jaspers says

The European Commission is close to finalising a cartel probe in a never-before sanctioned sector while looking to further expand its focus beyond classic infringements, the agency’s cartel chief has revealed.

28 September 2023

Dawn raids are taking longer because of cloud storage, EU official says

The rapid growth and use of cloud storage technology means dawn raids are now “far more complex”, making cooperation during a probe even more important, the European Commission’s cartel head has said.

28 September 2023

Belgium suspends banking cartel probe

Several banks have fended off a formal antitrust investigation into an alleged "gentlemen's agreement” covering government bonds in Belgium.

26 September 2023

Egypt targets cargo transport cartel in sprawling probe

Nearly 50 freight transportation companies breached antitrust rules by agreeing to hike rental prices, the Egyptian Competition Authority has said.

25 September 2023

Slovakian enforcer reimposes fines on bid-rigging cartel

Slovakia’s competition authority has ordered a construction cartel to pay a €7.2 million fine, eight months after its original infringement decision was overturned on appeal.

25 September 2023

Enforcers launch push to tackle FIFA World Cup collusion

A joint initiative by antitrust enforcers in the US, Mexico and Canada intends to spur competition in several markets by rooting out unlawful agreements targeting the FIFA World Cup in 2026.

22 September 2023

Hand grenade cartel fined by EU enforcer

The European Commission has sanctioned a cartel in the defence industry for the first time, fining German weapons supplier Diehl €1.2 million for allocating markets with a rival.

21 September 2023

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