Work Area: Vertical Restraints

Canadian court knocks back beer appeal

A Canadian appeals court has upheld a decision dismissing a class action claim that accused a beer retailer and the country’s national liquor board of collusion, reiterating that the regulated conduct defence extends to both criminal and civil litigation.

26 April 2019

Spain smokes out tobacco information sharing

Spain’s competition authority has fined three tobacco companies and a distributor €57.1 million for agreeing to share real-time sales data – in the agency’s first use of an effects-based analysis for information exchange.

15 April 2019

Ireland’s first gun-jumping prosecution ends in charitable donation

The first gun-jumping case referred by Ireland’s Competition and Consumer Protection Commission for prosecution has resulted in a guilty plea and €2,000 donation to a local charity.

10 April 2019

South Africa issues gun-jumping guidelines

The Competition Commission of South Africa has introduced new guidance that states it will calculate fines for failure to notify a deal based on merger filing fees, and will no longer use a turnover-based methodology.

03 April 2019

EU accepts pay-TV commitments

The European Commission has ended a major probe into four US movie studios and UK broadcaster Sky, now that it has accepted commitments that will end cross-border pay-TV content blocking.

07 March 2019

Visa and Mastercard face another interchange fees probe

Three Russian retail associations have asked the country’s competition enforcer to investigate Visa and Mastercard for imposing potentially discriminatory interchange fees on retailers.

04 March 2019

First hub-and-spoke fines issued in Chile

Chile’s competition tribunal has fined Walmart and two other retailers for implementing a scheme to fix resale chicken prices, in a precedent-setting decision that rewarded a compliance programme for the first time while relying on an earlier major probe into the wholesale market.

04 March 2019

CMA sends third SO in hydrocortisone probe

The UK’s Competition and Markets Authority has provisionally found that drugmakers Auden McKenzie and Waymade artificially inflated prices of a life-saving drug through a pay-for-delay scheme.

28 February 2019

Russia opens Samsung case

Apparently mirroring probes brought against Apple and LG, Russia’s antitrust watchdog is investigating Samsung’s Russian subsidiary for allegedly coordinating the resale prices of some of its devices.

13 February 2019

Albanian enforcer launches in-depth banking probe

Albania’s antitrust watchdog is investigating the country’s four largest banks, after a preliminary look suggested they may have coordinated rates for loan interest, mortgages and foreign exchange commissions.

05 February 2019

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