Work Area: Vertical Restraints

South African enforcer orders mobile operators to reduce prices

The Competition Commission of South Africa has given Vodacom and MTN two months to lower their prices for data services, or face excessive pricing charges.

04 December 2019

Info exchange is ambiguous, observers from multiple jurisdictions say

The line between permissible information exchange and collusion is not as clear cut as many businesses and trade associations would prefer, lawyers from Europe, North America and Asia have said.

13 November 2019

UK retailer accuses Nike and Adidas of abuse

Sports Direct has lashed out at Nike and Adidas, alleging they exploit their superior bargaining power to segment the sportswear market and refuse to deal with downstream rivals.

15 October 2019

French enforcer shows commitment to overseas territories

France’s Competition Authority has announced it will send officials to French overseas territories ahead of reviewing the largest-ever merger in the regions, one day after it fined Coty, Procter & Gamble and Chanel over exclusive import agreements with retailers in the same territories.

10 October 2019

CMA accuses another instrument maker of online RPM

The UK’s antitrust watchdog has accused guitar manufacturer Fender Europe of resale price maintenance by restricting online discounts for its guitars, just months after hitting Casio with the agency's highest-ever RPM fine.

08 October 2019

Ukrainian enforcer orders rare structural remedy in abuse probe

For the first time in more than two decades, Ukraine’s competition authority has ordered a manufacturing group to divest businesses, after finding the company abused its dominance in the fertiliser market.

09 September 2019

EU heads towards hybrid settlement in geoblocking probe

Valve reportedly intends to fight the European Commission’s geoblocking charges, while five other video game developers reportedly plan to settle with the EU enforcer.

30 August 2019

Visa and MasterCard interchange fees are anticompetitive, says Mauritian enforcer

The Competition Commission of Mauritius has ordered Visa and MasterCard to cap their interchange fees after finding the credit card issuers abused their dominance by setting unreasonably high rates.

15 August 2019

COMESA scores hearing over football broadcasting rights

The regional competition enforcer for eastern and southern Africa has referred the Confederation of African Football for an evidentiary hearing – but first is looking to hire an independent expert consultant to assist it with legal and economic analysis.

24 July 2019

Romanian enforcer suggests restricting fuel price increases

In an attempt to prevent parallel pricing tactics, Romania’s competition authority has urged the country’s parliament to ban fuel stations from raising their prices outside of set times.

10 July 2019

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