Work Area: Vertical Restraints

Public interest immunity docs cannot be disclosed, English court rules

Material used by the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority to obtain a search warrant that is protected under public interest immunity cannot be disclosed even into a confidentiality ring, an English appeal court has ruled.

07 August 2018

Antitrust authority follows telecoms regulator on price discrimination

India’s competition authority is investigating two television broadcasters for alleged price discrimination, despite the country’s telecommunications regulator having already imposed conditions on the broadcasters for the same conduct.

30 July 2018

UK tribunal denies excessive-pricing appeals

The UK’s Competition Appeal Tribunal has denied separate requests from the Competition and Markets Authority, Pfizer and Flynn Pharma to appeal against aspects of its phenytoin excessive-pricing decision last month, and ordered an immediate remittal of the case to the authority.

27 July 2018

ACCC says rail company shut down business based on deal

Australia’s competition authority has taken two rail companies to court for allegedly reaching an “understanding” to stop competing once Aurizon sold part of its freight transport business to Pacific National and shut down the rest.

19 July 2018

India halts Ola/Uber investigations

India’s competition watchdog will not pursue a probe into ride-sharing companies Uber and Ola, after finding no initial evidence to show that they breached competition laws that prohibit anticompetitive agreements or abuse of dominance.

21 June 2018

DG Comp examines Qatari gas supply agreements

The European Commission has launched a probe into Qatar Petroleum, to determine if territorial restrictions in the company’s long-term liquified natural gas supply agreements inhibit competition in the European Economic Area.

21 June 2018

Danish tribunal upholds advertising market-sharing decision

Demark’s Competition Appeal Tribunal has upheld a decision finding two media companies violated competition law when one agreed not to contact the other’s customers.

15 June 2018

Mexico could scrap JV guidelines, observers say

The board of Mexico’s competition watchdog last week voted against the implementation of guidelines that would have clarified the legality of competitor collaboration, local lawyers have said.

13 June 2018

Court overturns CMA’s excessive pricing drug fine

The UK’s Competition Appeal Tribunal has overturned a €101.5 million fine on Pfizer and Flynn Pharma for excessively pricing an epilepsy drug.

07 June 2018

UK regulator alleges energy market collusion

The UK’s gas and electricity regulator is investigating two energy companies and a consultancy firm for allegedly colluding to allocate customers.

05 June 2018

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