Work Area: Vertical Restraints

DG Comp official: EU is considering “restorative or prescriptive” antitrust remedies

A senior official at the European Commission has said it is considering whether it needs to impose broader remedies in antitrust cases that go beyond the usual “cease and desist” requirements.

24 April 2020

EU issues rare guidance letter on coronavirus collaboration

The European Commission has blessed a pharmaceutical cooperation scheme spearheaded by Medicines for Europe under new rules that permit competitor collaboration to ensure the supply of essential products during the covid-19 pandemic.

09 April 2020

Competition enforcers tackle coronavirus

Enforcers in Poland, the UK, Iceland and Armenia are using their powers to aid in their respective governments’ responses to the global coronavirus outbreak.

06 March 2020

Brazil takes interim measures against gym labour unions

Brazil’s competition authority has opened a probe and put interim measures on gym unions in Rio de Janeiro, over an anticompetitive clause in the gyms’ agreement with union members.

24 February 2020

European Commission: national autonomy is “subordinate” to EU competition rules

The European Commission took the “exceptional step” of intervening in the UK interchange fee litigation because the case raises “important questions” about the “coherence” of national bodies applying EU competition law, the enforcer’s counsel has said.

23 January 2020

Visa and MasterCard claims are “fanciful”, retailers tell UK Supreme Court

Retailers have pushed back against Visa’s and MasterCard’s claims that their interchange fees are exempt from competition law, arguing that any purported benefits must go to merchants – not cardholders – to outweigh the fees’ restriction of competition.

22 January 2020

MasterCard: let us “wield a broad axe” to defend conduct

Empirical data should not be required to prove a company’s conduct is exempt from competition law, counsel to MasterCard has argued to the UK Supreme Court.

21 January 2020

Lower court conflated facts with law, Visa tells UK Supreme Court

A UK appeals court was wrong to find that Visa’s and Mastercard’s multilateral interchange fees are anticompetitive, because it ignored evidence that the level of the fees did not affect merchants’ ability to negotiate with banks, Visa’s counsel has argued.

20 January 2020

Greece fines FrieslandCampina €3.3 million

Greece’s competition authority has fined a dairy cooperative €3.3 million for participating in a vertical agreement that fixed resale prices and imposed a non-compete clause on its distributors.

07 January 2020

RPM fine upheld against hair products company

Hair products wholesaler Icon Hairspa violated Denmark’s competition law by demanding that its dealers not sell Kevin Murphy products cheaper than a certain price, an appellate court has ruled.

17 December 2019

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