Work Area: Vertical Restraints

French retailers propose limiting joint purchasing alliance

Four major grocery retailers have offered to amend a joint purchasing agreement related to their own-label products, in hopes of resolving an investigation by France’s Competition Authority.

25 June 2020

Italy raids movie industry associations

Italy’s Competition Authority has raided the offices of three film and cinema associations as it considers interim measures to stop an alleged conspiracy restricting free movie screenings.

25 June 2020

Visa and Mastercard lose interchange fee battle

The UK’s Supreme Court has confirmed that Visa and Mastercard’s interchange fees violated EU competition law, exposing both companies to more than €1 billion in potential damages claims.

17 June 2020

EU launches twin Apple probes

The European Commission has opened a pair of antitrust investigations into Apple, examining the rules and restrictions that the company imposes on users of its App Store and Apple Pay.

16 June 2020

Swiss enforcer agrees refusal to deal settlement

Switzerland’s Competition Commission has fined two city-owned gas providers €2.8 million and ordered them to open their distribution networks to rivals, in a settlement decision that one lawyer has called “precedent-setting”.

05 June 2020

Patent-related disclosure is not anticompetitive, UK court says

Complying with court-ordered disclosure in patent infringement proceedings does not violate competition law, even if companies share commercially sensitive information, the High Court of England and Wales has ruled.

03 June 2020

Turkey launches sprawling coronavirus-related probe

Nivea, Johnson & Johnson and Carrefour are among the 29 companies that Turkey’s Competition Authority is investigating for allegedly inflating prices during the covid-19 pandemic.

11 May 2020

AG Pitruzzella: Paramount commitments decision violates EU legal principles

The European Commission did not adequately consider broadcasters’ interests when it agreed commitments with Paramount to stop geoblocking, EU Advocate General Giovanni Pitruzzella has said.

07 May 2020

DG Comp official: EU is considering “restorative or prescriptive” antitrust remedies

A senior official at the European Commission has said it is considering whether it needs to impose broader remedies in antitrust cases that go beyond the usual “cease and desist” requirements.

24 April 2020

EU issues rare guidance letter on coronavirus collaboration

The European Commission has blessed a pharmaceutical cooperation scheme spearheaded by Medicines for Europe under new rules that permit competitor collaboration to ensure the supply of essential products during the covid-19 pandemic.

09 April 2020

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