Work Area: Vertical Restraints

India fines drugmakers and associations

India’s antitrust watchdog has fined two pharmaceutical companies, several senior employees and two pharmacist associations about €9.5 million for anticompetitively controlling the supply of medicine in the state of Madhya Pradesh.

05 June 2019

French enforcer fines but allows exclusivity in overseas territory

France’s Competition Authority has fined two biomedical companies for operating an exclusive distribution scheme in French Guiana – but permitted the arrangement to continue, due to the specialised nature of distributing medical devices overseas.

31 May 2019

French enforcer dismisses Canal Plus’ abuse claim

France’s Competition Authority has allowed incumbent television broadcasters to include the rights of first and last refusal in contracts to finance French-language films.

28 May 2019

European enforcers raid French supermarkets

EU and French competition enforcers have searched French grocery retailers, as part of a probe reportedly targeting a joint purchasing alliance between Casino and Intermarché.

22 May 2019

Russian enforcer finds top mobile networks discriminated against private banks

Russia’s competition watchdog has found that the country’s leading mobile operators abused their dominance by charging private banks up to 10 times more to send SMS messages than they charged state-owned banks.

15 May 2019

State probes potential collusion in online travel ads

Utah’s attorney general is investigating large online travel agencies and hotel chains for allegedly conspiring to limit the use of rivals’ branded search terms – and suing a complainant for the information obtained in private litigation.

10 May 2019

Italian enforcer overruled on taxi dominance decision

Noting the two-sided nature of the market, an Italian court has overturned the competition authority’s decision that a taxi dispatch service’s non-compete agreements with drivers were freezing rivals out of the market.

03 May 2019

Tyre companies fined for resale price maintenance

Korea’s antitrust watchdog has fined two tyre companies a total of €4.5 million for forcing dealers to sell their products above a certain price.

02 May 2019

Canadian court knocks back beer appeal

A Canadian appeals court has upheld a decision dismissing a class action claim that accused a beer retailer and the country’s national liquor board of collusion, reiterating that the regulated conduct defence extends to both criminal and civil litigation.

26 April 2019

Spain smokes out tobacco information sharing

Spain’s competition authority has fined three tobacco companies and a distributor €57.1 million for agreeing to share real-time sales data – in the agency’s first use of an effects-based analysis for information exchange.

15 April 2019

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