Work Area: Unilateral Conduct

EU opens first probe into abusive drug patent filings

The European Commission is investigating whether Teva Pharmaceuticals unlawfully delayed the entry of generic drugs to treat multiple sclerosis through patent litigation and a disparaging communications campaign that discredited its competitors.

04 March 2021

CMA launches Apple App Store probe

The UK’s antitrust enforcer has launched an abuse of dominance investigation examining whether Apple imposes unfair or anticompetitive terms on developers that use its App Store.

04 March 2021

Malaysian enforcer fines customs platform for abuse

Malaysia’s competition watchdog has fined the country’s sole online customs communication platform close to €2.1 million for unlawfully imposing exclusivity clauses on software providers.

04 March 2021

Indonesia clears Honda in exclusivity case

Indonesia’s antitrust authority has found that Honda’s local subsidiary committed a per se competition law breach by forcing its authorised service stations into exclusive purchasing arrangements but cleared the company after assessing the conduct under the rule of reason.

04 March 2021

Germany secures commitments in Deutsche Post abuse probe

Germany’s incumbent postal operator has agreed to abandon an exclusivity-based discount system for delivering newspapers and magazines to end a Federal Cartel Office abuse of dominance investigation.

03 March 2021

Italian court failed to provide adequate info in abuse referral, ECJ rules

The European Court of Justice has refused to rule on whether Poste Italiane abused its dominance by charging tax collection agencies to maintain a legally-required bank account, but said the requirement itself could constitute unlawful state aid.

03 March 2021

DMA is not the end of antitrust enforcement, Guersent says

The director-general of the European Commission’s competition authority has stressed that the agency will not be giving up on traditional antitrust enforcement in the digital economy following the introduction of the Digital Markets Act.

02 March 2021

ECJ rules Slovak Telecom fines can still stand

Separate abuse of dominance fines imposed by Slovakia's competition enforcer and the European Commission on Slovak Telekom did not breach EU law, because they related to conduct in different markets, the European Court of Justice has ruled.

26 February 2021

VodafoneZiggo loses challenge to EU regulatory recommendations

The European Commission’s recommendations to national regulatory authorities cannot be challenged before the EU courts as they do not constitute a “legal decision”, the European Court of Justice has ruled.

25 February 2021

Russian enforcer orders Yandex to stop discrimination

Russia’s competition watchdog has ordered Yandex to stop giving its own companies preferential opportunities to promote their services on its search engine, as part of a warning that the company may be abusing its dominance.

25 February 2021

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