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Apple and Google hit with twin monopolisation class actions in Australia

Australian consumers have filed parallel class action lawsuits against Apple and Google for allegedly abusing their market power over the purchase of mobile applications and in-app content to charge supracompetitive commission rates.

29 June 2022

China ushers in new era of antitrust enforcement with passing of AML amendments

Chinese lawmakers have amended the country’s antitrust law, including sharply increasing maximum fines for various infringements, introducing personal liability for anticompetitive conduct and clarifying the framework for assessing resale price maintenance.

27 June 2022

Turkey: combating abuse of dominance

Featured in Europe, Middle East and Africa Antitrust Review 2023

24 June 2022

Denmark: the differences – and similarities – between Danish and EU competition law

Featured in Europe, Middle East and Africa Antitrust Review 2023

24 June 2022

Intel claims EU owes €593 million over annulled antitrust fine

Intel is seeking €593 million in default interest from the European Commission after its €1 billion antitrust fine was overturned by the General Court in January.

21 June 2022

Germany probes Google Maps under new competition powers

Germany’s Federal Cartel Office has opened its third investigation into Google under its new Section 19A powers, over suspicions that the company harmed competition in the market for online mapping services by imposing unfair restrictions on rivals.

21 June 2022

France accepts Google commitments to end publisher payments case

France’s Competition Authority has closed its probe into Google’s allegedly abusive refusal to fairly compensate publishers after the company offered a comprehensive framework for negotiating payments and gave up its right to appeal against a €500 million penalty.

21 June 2022

EU launches second probe into alleged disparagement in pharma market

The European Commission has opened an abuse of dominance probe into Vifor Pharma for allegedly spreading misinformation about its closest competitor on the market for intravenous iron treatment.

20 June 2022

UK Supreme Court rejects Royal Mail abuse of dominance appeal

The UK’s top court has refused to hear Royal Mail’s appeal against a decision upholding its £50 million abuse of dominance fine from the country’s communications regulator, ending the hotly-contested saga over the agency’s largest-ever antitrust penalty.

20 June 2022

Apple faces second competition class action in the UK

Consumer rights advocate Justin Gutmann is seeking approximately £768 million in damages from Apple for its alleged use of malfunctioning batteries in iPhones, in a claim brought one month after the UK’s competition tribunal certified its first class action against the technology company.

16 June 2022

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