Work Area: Unilateral Conduct

South African tribunal rejects TV broadcaster’s interim relief request

South Africa’s specialist competition tribunal has refused to order television broadcaster MultiChoice to temporarily continue showing a rival’s channels on its TV platform, ruling that the complainant failed to establish any unlawful refusal to supply.

08 July 2022

AG Rantos clarifies the use of essential facilities doctrine

The EU’s General Court was right not to apply the essential facilities test used in Bronner when it ruled that Lithuanian Railways hindered competition by removing a 19-kilometer stretch of track, an advocate general at the European Court of Justice has said.

07 July 2022

CMA joins EU in probing Amazon’s data collection practices

The UK’s Competition and Markets Authority has opened an abuse of dominance investigation into Amazon’s use of merchant data and the criteria for sellers to appear in its Buy Box feature, in a case that mirrors the European Commission’s two ongoing probes into the tech company.

06 July 2022

Amazon mulls challenge to heightened scrutiny in Germany

Amazon has said it is considering appealing against the German competition authority’s decision to designate it as having “paramount significance for competition across markets”, which subjects the company to stricter antitrust regulations.

06 July 2022

Latvian enforcer did not infringe shipping cartelist’s right to privacy, ECtHR rules

The European Court of Human Rights has dismissed a complaint brought by a shipping company alleging that Latvia’s Competition Council conducted unlawful dawn raids during its investigation into the company’s alleged cartel conduct.

06 July 2022

German policy adviser supports break-up orders absent antitrust infringement

Germany’s Monopolies Commission has supported proposals to empower the country’s competition authority to break up companies without first finding an infringement of competition law.

05 July 2022

Expanded arguments against train operator could disrupt certification bid, UK tribunal cautions

The UK’s specialist competition tribunal has warned it may have to abandon a certification hearing partway through because the proposed class representatives plan to argue new allegations against the train operator defendant.

05 July 2022

EU aims to create distinct teams to enforce DMA

The European Commission has said it will need at least 150 staff members to enforce the new Digital Markets Act, nearly double the amount it initially anticipated when the law was proposed two years ago.

05 July 2022

Ireland gets long-awaited administrative fines regime

Ireland’s president has officially approved highly-anticipated amendments to the country’s competition law, giving the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission the power to issue fines for anticompetitive conduct for the first time.

04 July 2022

ECJ sides with EU in rejecting Polish abuse complaint

The EU’s highest court has confirmed that the European Commission has a wide margin of discretion when assessing whether an antitrust complaint invokes a sufficient community interest within the bloc.

30 June 2022

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