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Senators criticise AT&T’s preferencing of HBO Max

Three Democratic senators have asked AT&T to explain its decision not to count customers’ use of HBO Max toward their mobile data limits.

08 June 2020

Swiss enforcer agrees refusal to deal settlement

Switzerland’s Competition Commission has fined two city-owned gas providers €2.8 million and ordered them to open their distribution networks to rivals, in a settlement decision that one lawyer has called “precedent-setting”.

05 June 2020

JFTC accepts commitments in contact lens probe

Japan’s antitrust watchdog has ordered contact lens maker CooperVision to allow its retailers to advertise prices and sell its contacts online, following a probe into alleged retail price maintenance.

05 June 2020

Finch: more economics needed on arbitration clauses in vertical mergers

More economic analysis is needed on arbitration agreements in vertical mergers, the former second-in-command at the Department of Justice’s antitrust division has said.

04 June 2020

Austria alleges RPM in musical instrument market

Austria’s Federal Competition Authority has joined European enforcement efforts against resale price maintenance in the musical instrument sector, as it accused two unnamed companies of vertical price-fixing.

03 June 2020

Kentucky antitrust claim fails after expert disqualified

A federal judge in Kentucky has granted summary judgment in favour of gasoline company Marathon on antitrust claims brought by the state of Kentucky.

03 June 2020

Apple faces another abuse complaint over tracking app

Location tracking app developer Tile has complained to the European Commission that Apple unfairly favours its own equivalent application to the detriment of rivals, several months after the company raised similar concerns in the US.

29 May 2020

Market investigations would give EU a “powerful tool”, lawyers say

Lawyers have said potential new market investigation powers would significantly increase the European Commission’s enforcement capabilities, as the agency confirmed it will propose an “ex ante competition tool” at the end of this year.

28 May 2020

Dutch court dismisses private abuse of dominance appeal

A Dutch court has rejected an abuse of dominance complaint against an online real estate portal, in a decision that one lawyer said will set an almost insurmountable bar for the standard of proof in standalone damages claims.

27 May 2020

Korea poised to penalise Delivery Hero

Korea’s competition watchdog is reportedly preparing to issue a decision against German food delivery platform Delivery Hero for preventing restaurants from offering discounts to customers who place direct orders.

27 May 2020

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