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Nord Stream 2 must unbundle supply from its operation, German court rules

A German court has refused to exempt the Nord Stream 2 pipeline from EU regulation aimed at ensuring fair competition in the gas sector.

26 August 2021

Malaysian enforcer optimistic top court will reverse unfavourable rulings

The chief executive at Malaysia’s competition watchdog has said he hopes that the country’s top court will undo adverse findings in a pair of high-profile cases involving Grab and Malaysia Airlines and set good precedent for future enforcement.

26 August 2021

KFTC fines e-commerce platform for dictating supplier prices

Korea’s antitrust authority has hit Coupang – one of the country's major online marketplaces – with a fine of more than €2.4 million for ordering suppliers to increase their prices on rival platforms and other illegal conduct.

25 August 2021

Vestager: EU has no plans to probe Google for noncompliance

The European Commission does not currently intend to investigate Google for noncompliance with the agency’s Google Shopping or Google Android decisions, EU competition commissioner Margrethe Vestager has said.

24 August 2021

Google files emergency motion to block unsealing of Play Store suits

Google has said it will suffer serious competitive harm if plaintiffs alleging the company illegally monopolised Android application distribution and payments are permitted to unseal their entire lawsuits.

23 August 2021

FTC’s amended Facebook suit likely to survive, experts say

The Federal Trade Commission’s amended monopolisation lawsuit against Facebook is likely to survive a motion to dismiss, former US antitrust enforcers have said.

20 August 2021

Sims weighs regulating Google and Apple to curb app store dominance

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission chair Rod Sims has bemoaned the speed of antitrust enforcement and warned regulation might be needed to restrain the market power that Google and Apple enjoy in application marketplaces.

19 August 2021

DOJ and Apple quarrel over documents in Google case

The Department of Justice has requested an “emergency” meeting with the judge presiding over its monopolisation lawsuit against Google to settle what the government describes as Apple’s reluctance to produce evidence and identify codewords.

19 August 2021

CAT certifies first UK competition class action

The UK’s Competition Appeal Tribunal has issued its highly-anticipated decision certifying the country’s first-ever antitrust class action, designating Walter Merricks as the representative to lead the multi-billion pound claim against Mastercard.

18 August 2021

Dolby sanctioned in Korea for breach of patent obligations

Korea’s competition authority has fined Dolby Laboratories nearly €200,000 for abusing its superior bargaining position by restricting access to its essential patented technology during a dispute with a local set-top box manufacturer.

13 August 2021

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