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Court rules against Hitachi Metals in China's first ‘essential facilities’ patent case

A Chinese court has invoked the doctrine of essential facilities in a patent case for the first time, in a set of decisions that will likely thrust the intersection of IP rights and antitrust law back into centre stage.

29 April 2021

Russia fines Apple €10 million for app store abuse

Russia's Federal Antimonopoly Service has fined Apple for favouring its own applications on its iOS operating system over rivals, eight months after the enforcer found that the company abused its dominance.

28 April 2021

Carrefour franchisee abused its buyer power, Kenyan tribunal rules

Kenya’s Competition Tribunal has upheld a decision by the country’s antitrust enforcer ordering Carrefour’s local franchisee to amend all of its agreements with suppliers that include provisions related to forced rebates and the return of stock.

27 April 2021

UK wholesaler files damages claim against Coca-Cola bottler

A UK food and drink supplier has filed a standalone abuse of dominance claim in the country's specialist competition tribunal against a Coca-Cola bottler for allegedly obtaining its customers' details to supply them directly.

26 April 2021

Apple faces second antitrust complaint over privacy update

A group of media and advertising associations has complained to Germany’s competition enforcer that Apple is breaching antitrust rules by giving iOS users the choice to opt-out of third-party personalised advertising.

26 April 2021

Heineken vows compliance after employees go rogue in Vietnam

Heineken’s Vietnamese subsidiary has ordered its employees to comply with the country’s competition law after members of the sales team were found to have pressured distributors not to sell rivals’ products.

23 April 2021

Deutsche Telekom ordered to supply rivals with broadband infrastructure

A German regulator has ordered Deutsche Telekom to continue to supply certain infrastructure for broadband connections to its rivals after the agency concluded that threats to withdraw access amount to an abuse of dominance.

22 April 2021

Indian court refuses to quash WhatsApp probe

The Delhi High Court has refused to set aside an order by India’s competition watchdog directing its investigative branch to conduct a full abuse of dominance probe into WhatsApp’s updated terms of services and privacy policy.

22 April 2021

Ofcom and Royal Mail clash over interpretation of Intel ruling

The UK’s communications regulator has argued that it correctly considered the as-efficient competitor test in its decision to fine the country’s incumbent postal operator £50 million for abuse of dominance and that its decision did not infringe principles laid out in the European Court of Justice’s Intel ruling.

21 April 2021

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