Topic: Tying

Indonesia opens abuse probe into Google’s Play Store payment policy

Indonesia’s Competition Commission has launched an investigation into Google on suspicion the company abused its dominance and engaged in discriminatory practices in the app distribution market.

16 September 2022

Google to face digital ad monopolisation claims

A New York federal court has ordered Google to face the bulk of a Texas-led lawsuit accusing it of monopolising the digital advertising market, although commentators believe the ruling gives the search giant reason to be cautiously optimistic.

16 September 2022

EU secures Google Android win, but exclusivity analysis rebuked again

The EU’s General Court has largely upheld the European Commission’s Google Android decision but cut its €4.3 billion fine by over €200 million due to procedural and substantive errors relating to the enforcer’s exclusivity allegations.

14 September 2022

Iceland rejects remedy bid in major telecoms Phase II probe

Iceland's Competition Authority has extended its in-depth investigation into the sale of the country’s key telecommunications infrastructure after dismissing the purchaser's proposed commitments as insufficient to remedy its competition concerns.

15 August 2022

Portugal accuses SIBS of market foreclosure through tying

Portugal’s antitrust enforcer has accused the country’s largest interbank network of abusive tying, four years after first warning that the scheme could be hindering the development of the national fintech market.

29 July 2022

New York accuses CVS of illegal tying

CVS illegally required hospitals seeking federal rebates on prescriptions to use its administrative service so they could access its retail pharmacies, the state of New York has said.

29 July 2022

CAT certifies class action against Google

The UK’s Competition Appeal Tribunal has certified the country’s seventh opt-out collective action, allowing a claim for £920 million to proceed against Google for allegedly charging app makers “excessive and unfair” fees in order to reap “massive” profits.

18 July 2022

Amazon proposes data collection cutbacks to end EU abuse probes

Amazon’s promise to make significant changes to its European business model could allow the European Commission to “test the effectiveness” of the Digital Markets Act before the rules come into effect, local lawyers have said.

14 July 2022

Seventh Circuit rejects radiologist’s tying claim

Allegations that the American Board of Radiology illegally tied together its certifications with an annual programme to maintain them are not plausibly supported, a federal appellate court has ruled in affirming a lower court’s dismissal of the case.

30 June 2022

China fines water monopolies

China’s competition watchdog has fined a pair of local water supply monopolies in Shaoxing city close to €4.8 million for abusing their dominance through unlawful exclusivity and tying provisions.

13 June 2022

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