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Antitrust scrutiny of US labour markets intensifies

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The Biden administration is turning up the heat on anti-competitive activity in the employment space, promoting federal agency rulemaking to curtail perceived harmful practices.

25 August 2023

NCAA fails to dismiss wage-fixing claims

The National Collegiate Athletic Association must face claims that it illegally fixed the wages of assistant coaches, a California federal judge has held – rejecting the organisation’s motion to dismiss.

31 July 2023

DOJ learning from no-poach losses, official says

The Department of Justice is speaking to jurors that have acquitted executives accused of colluding not to hire rival employees as it searches for its first criminal no-poach trial victory, an Antitrust Division official has said.

08 June 2023

Speedway league and governing body sanctioned in Poland for imposing salary cap

Poland’s antitrust authority has fined the country’s top speedway league and the national motorsports governing body €1.2 million for unlawfully capping the salaries of professional motorcyclists, eight months after issuing its first no poach decision against a basketball league.

06 June 2023

Magistrate: MLB exemption neutralises wage-fixing suit

A group of former minor league players should not be allowed to proceed with their claims that Major League Baseball and its members conspired to depress their wages, a Puerto Rico magistrate judge has said.

02 June 2023

CMA adds BBC to first labour markets probe

The UK’s Competition and Markets Authority has expanded its first investigation into labour markets to include the British Broadcasting Corporation and a sports broadcasting rival, as it now probes whether six companies colluded over wages paid to freelancers.

06 April 2023

No harm means no agreement, acquitted no-poach defendants say

Jurors recognised that a group of home healthcare agency owners’ attempt to agree to fix wages and not poach each other’s workers ultimately failed, counsel to some of the acquitted defendants have said.

24 March 2023

CMA set to prioritise labour market enforcement

The UK’s antitrust enforcer has said it plans to identify and “clamp down” on illegal conduct in labour markets, a month after releasing guidance on no-poach agreements.

24 March 2023

DOJ: home healthcare defendants not protected by Maine law

Four at-home healthcare agency owners cannot blame their no-poach conspiracy on confusion over Maine’s health department rules, the Department of Justice has said.

14 March 2023

Text messages suggest home healthcare defendants committed to ‘the agreement’

A witness called by the Department of Justice has testified that he participated in a group text in which four at-home healthcare agency owners “reached an agreement” to fix hourly wages for caregivers.

13 March 2023

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