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Google must comply with far-reaching Android commitments after Indian ruling

India’s highest court has refused to suspend the national antitrust enforcer’s decision to fine Google €152 million and impose a slew of behavioural remedies on the technology company that will significantly alter its global Android business model.

20 January 2023

Qualcomm must face exclusive dealing claims

A federal judge has allowed a class of cell phone purchasers to pursue allegations that Qualcomm closed off the market for certain modem chips through exclusive contracts in violation of California law.

10 January 2023

Indian tribunal rejects Google’s request to stay Android decision

India’s specialist competition tribunal has denied Google’s request to suspend the national antitrust enforcer’s decision to fine the company €152.8 million and impose behavioural remedies for abusing its dominance over the Android mobile ecosystem.

04 January 2023

EU levels tying allegations, drops collusion probe against Meta

The European Commission has alleged that Meta unlawfully bundled Facebook with its Marketplace feature and imposed unfair conditions on rival online classified advertising services, while dropping a probe into the company’s online advertising agreement with Google.

19 December 2022

Korean court revokes abuse fine but bans conduct

A Korean court has revoked a €9 million abuse of dominance fine issued to naval engineering company Gaztransport & Technigaz but ordered the business to stop tying its technology licences with engineering services for liquified natural gas storage tanks.

07 December 2022

CMA orders divestments in three-to-two software deal to protect emergency services

The UK’s Competition and Markets Authority has ordered NEC Software Solutions to divest two specialist software products used by the country’s emergency services to allay the competition concerns from its acquisition of a rival provider.

02 December 2022

Brazil challenges health insurance merger over duopoly concerns

Brazil’s competition authority has asked its administrative tribunal to block Hapvida's purchase of rival Smile, less than a year after prohibiting another attempted acquisition by the health insurance provider.

25 November 2022

Meta agrees to stop tying VR headsets with Facebook accounts

Germany’s Federal Cartel Office will continue investigating whether Meta has unlawfully tied its virtual reality products to its social media platform, despite the company deciding to no longer force its Meta Quest headset users to set up a Facebook account.

23 November 2022

Ninth Circuit suggests evidentiary record could doom Epic’s appeal

Apple has made convincing arguments that Epic Games’ failure to prove its case at trial dooms the videogame maker’s attempt to resurrect its lawsuit against the tech company, members of the US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit have said.

16 November 2022

EU conditionally approves three-to-two salmon farm deal

The European Commission has approved a tie-up between two leading salmon farmers, subject to the divestment of the target’s entire Icelandic business.

01 November 2022

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