Topic: Statute of limitations

Interchange fee claimants can’t rely on EU limitation law, CAT rules

Interchange fee claimants have suffered a significant blow after the UK’s specialist competition tribunal held that EU statute of limitation rules do not apply to their claims – a decision that could be worth billions of pounds in damages.

27 July 2023

Appeals court rejects states’ “odd” case against Meta

A New York-led coalition of states waited too long to bring their monopolisation lawsuit against Meta Platforms, the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit has held.

28 April 2023

Interchange fee claims are not bound by EU limitation rules, Visa and Mastercard say

Visa and Mastercard have urged the UK’s specialist competition tribunal to apply domestic statute of limitations rules to interchange fee claimants seeking billions of pounds in damages from the card companies.

25 April 2023

UK claimants argue lawsuits against Visa and Mastercard are not time-barred

Interchange fee claimants seeking billions of pounds in damages from Visa and Mastercard have urged the UK’s specialist competition tribunal to respect their “accrued EU law rights” and find their claims are not bound by domestic statute of limitations rules.

24 April 2023

CAT rejects Mastercard’s counterfactual defence in Merricks class action

The UK’s Competition Appeal Tribunal has banned Mastercard from putting forward a counterfactual defence against Walter Merricks’ class action that would have reduced the credit card company’s potential damages liability.

22 March 2023

Eleventh Circuit rejects Venezuelan president’s bid to intervene in antitrust suit

Venezuela's state-owned oil company cannot advance price-fixing claims in US court because the State Department does not recognise the country’s current government, a federal appellate court has ruled.

15 March 2023

Juice producers face €2.3 billion cartel damages claim in Brazil

Brazil’s public prosecutor has launched a €2.3 billion civil damages claim against members of an orange juice price-fixing conspiracy, just three months after an appellate court rejected a similar claim as time-barred.

09 March 2023

Mastercard pushes back against “extreme” limitation arguments in Merricks claim

Mastercard has argued there is no justification for the UK’s specialist competition tribunal to deprive the company of its limitation defence rights in Walter Merricks’ £17 billion class action lawsuit.

13 January 2023

CAT allows Merricks to argue Mastercard concealed facts in class action lawsuit

The UK’s specialist competition tribunal has allowed Walter Merricks to allege Mastercard deliberately concealed facts in a multi-billion pound interchange fee class action, as the claimant seeks to fend off arguments his lawsuit is time-barred.

12 January 2023

Limitation ruling thwarts Brazilian orange juice cartel damages claim

Brazil’s Superior Court of Justice has determined that an orange farmer is time-barred from seeking damages from a juice cartel that settled with the country’s competition authority five years ago because the enforcer never issued an infringement decision.

05 January 2023

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