Topic: State enforcement

South Carolina hospitals abandon merger following COPA reversal and FTC opposition

South Carolina healthcare provider LifePoint Health has ditched plans to sell three of its hospitals to Prisma Health after a state court said the deal was not immune from antitrust scrutiny and the Federal Trade Commission raised concerns the merger would harm competition.

13 April 2021

Judge Mehta concerned DOJ’s discovery requests may slow down Google case

The judge presiding over the US government’s monopolisation lawsuit against Google has continued to express some unease about the breadth of information the Department of Justice is requesting from the company.

31 March 2021

Facebook moves to have FTC and states’ suits dismissed

Facebook has asked a federal judge in Washington, DC, to dismiss a pair of lawsuits alleging it illegally maintained its monopoly over personal social network services.

11 March 2021

Chesapeake Energy settles market allocation allegations with Pennsylvania

Chesapeake Energy has settled claims it conspired to allocate fracking locations with a rival drilling company.

09 March 2021

First class action filed over Shkreli’s price-hike of Daraprim

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota has sued former pharmaceutical company executive Martin Shkreli over his alleged scheme to monopolise the market for antiparasitic drug Daraprim.

05 March 2021

State AGs urge Pennsylvania court to select dermatology lawsuit as bellwether

A Connecticut-led group of states has argued that its lawsuit alleging collusion in markets for dermatological products should be the first to go to trial in sprawling multidistrict litigation accusing generic drug manufacturers of price-fixing and market allocation.

02 March 2021

Colorado AG: antitrust reform should reflect market realities

Reforms designed to address the decline in competition across much of the US economy should be framed around “market realities” rather than “rigid formalities”, Colorado attorney general Phil Weiser has said.

18 February 2021

Texas AG defends decision to hire outside counsel in Google lawsuit

Texas attorney general Ken Paxton has said the state needed to hire outside counsel to bring its monopolisation case against Google because his office lacked the necessary expertise to litigate the case.

12 February 2021

State court dismisses Mississippi’s pay-for-delay claims against Teva

The State of Mississippi has failed to demonstrate that a state court has jurisdiction over claims that Teva Pharmaceuticals entered into an anticompetitive reverse-payment settlement, a local judge has ruled.

11 February 2021

ABA calls for more guidance from enforcers amid heightened uncertainty

The antitrust law section of the American Bar Association is urging the Biden administration to provide clarity on several subject matters as the nation grapples with the state of competition.

09 February 2021

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