Topic: State enforcement

Canadian enforcer calls for competition act overhaul

Canada’s Competition Bureau is calling for a major revamp of the country’s antitrust law, including eliminating efficiencies defences and lowering the standards for injunctions in merger reviews, as well as raising the penalties for abuse of dominance.

09 February 2022

DOJ backs states’ Facebook appeal

The Department of Justice is asking a federal appellate court to “correct” how a lower court applied the US monopoly law to a coalition of states’ claims against Facebook.

01 February 2022

Washington attorney general claims victory in Amazon probe

Amazon shuttered its “Sold by Amazon” programme over price-fixing allegations, Washington State attorney general Bob Ferguson has said.

27 January 2022

Google asks court to throw out Texas-led monopolisation case

Google has asked a federal New York court to dismiss an antitrust lawsuit brought by a Texas-led coalition of states over its advertising technology business.

24 January 2022

Federal judge bans Shkreli from pharma industry

Former pharmaceutical executive Martin Shkreli’s anticompetitive scheme to maintain a monopoly over a lifesaving parasitic treatment was so egregious he must be banned from the industry for life, a New York federal court has ruled.

17 January 2022

Judge says he wants only one jury trial in Google Play Store litigation

A federal California judge has said he will not have separate trials for different groups of plaintiffs alleging that Google unlawfully maintained a monopoly over the distribution of Android applications and app payments.

17 December 2021

Ex-Vyera exec describes strategy to prevent competition

Vyera Pharmaceuticals purchased the parasite-fighting drug Daraprim with the intention of foreclosing generic competition, a former executive has said.

16 December 2021

Shkreli claims rivals had access to Daraprim ingredient

Vyera Pharmaceuticals' exclusivity contracts for access to the active pharmaceutical ingredient in its parasite-fighting drug Daraprim did not foreclose generic competition, the company’s founder has argued.

15 December 2021

FTC and New York settle with Vyera ahead of trial

Vyera Pharmaceuticals has agreed to pay up to $40 million to settle allegations that it illegally prevented generic competition for its infection treatment Daraprim.

08 December 2021

EU lawmakers propose tougher sanctions regime under DMA

An EU parliamentary committee has approved an amended draft version of the Digital Markets Act ahead of a full vote next month, upping the thresholds that govern whether an online platform will be caught by the rules but increasing the maximum fines for an infringement.

23 November 2021

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