Topic: State enforcement

States and Google quarrel over Meta pact

A Texas-led coalition of states has urged a New York federal court not to dismiss allegations that Google illegally agreed not to compete with Meta Platforms in a lucrative advertising market.

01 September 2022

DOJ seeks to redepose Google execs

The Department of Justice is asking a federal court for permission to further depose seven Google executives because the company improperly withheld thousands of documents prior to their initial interviews.

14 July 2022

Pennsylvania weighs flipping presumptions for price-fixing cases

Pennsylvania state lawmakers are considering a bill that would drastically ease the standards for pleading a price-fixing conspiracy and create the first antitrust whistleblower programme in the US.

23 June 2022

GCR Live: Law Leaders Asia-Pacific returns to Singapore

The heads of competition authorities in Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei are set to speak at GCR Live: Law Leaders Asia-Pacific in August.

22 June 2022

Illinois AG brings no-poach case against staffing companies

The attorney general of Illinois has accused a beauty products manufacturer of orchestrating an illegal hub-and-spoke no-poach conspiracy amongst six temporary staffing agencies.

07 June 2022

Google must face common carrier lawsuit

A state court has denied Google’s request to dismiss a lawsuit filed by the Ohio attorney general that seeks to define the company’s search engine as a common carrier.

26 May 2022

DOJ: Local court improperly dismissed Amazon lawsuit

A Washington, DC, court used improper legal analysis when granting Amazon’s motion to dismiss the District of Columbia’s allegations that the company set an illegal price floor on its marketplace, the Department of Justice has said.

29 April 2022

California urges Ninth Circuit to interpret unfair competition law correctly in Epic case

The California attorney general has weighed in on Epic Games’ dispute with Apple, arguing to an appellate court that the state’s unfair competition law applies to conduct not covered by federal antitrust statutes.

04 April 2022

DC judge dismisses Amazon lawsuit

The attorney general of Washington, DC, has failed to allege that Amazon’s pricing parity rule harmed competition, a local DC court has ruled.

21 March 2022

DOJ and United/Change argue over discovery ahead of trial date being set

The judge presiding over the Department of Justice’s lawsuit to block UnitedHealth Group’s acquisition of Change Healthcare has said he will set a trial date this week after counsel for the parties presented different views about how much time they need for discovery.

15 March 2022

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