Topic: State enforcement

Louisiana court reporters settle price-fixing claims

Two legal services providers have resolved their allegations accusing a Louisiana board of court reporters of orchestrating a conspiracy to inflate prices.

29 November 2022

Conservative bill takes on “woke" boycotts

A conservative advocacy group has introduced legislation that would require state governments to terminate business relationships with companies engaging in political boycotts, alleging that such conduct could also violate antitrust law.

18 November 2022

Car dealerships invoke Noerr immunity in Tesla lawsuit

Tesla cannot use antitrust law to punish the Louisiana Automobile Dealers Association for successfully lobbying the state’s legislature, the car dealership trade association has said.

16 November 2022

DOJ, FTC and states say lower court erred in McDonald’s no-poach case

An Illinois federal court misapplied basic principles of antitrust law by rejecting claims from two former McDonald’s employees alleging the restaurant’s no-poach agreements stifled competition, the US government and several states have said.

15 November 2022

State AGs seek to bolster FTC against Meta/Within

Enjoining the merger between Meta Platforms and Within Unlimited will preserve the “status quo” in the face of the former’s string of “serial” acquisitions, a bipartisan group of 25 US state and territory attorneys general has said.

09 November 2022

State AGs allege Kroger/Albertsons dividend restrains trade

Four state attorneys general have filed a pair of lawsuits to block Albertsons from paying a $4 billion dividend as part of its planned merger with Kroger.

03 November 2022

State AGs accuse Kroger/Albertsons of gun-jumping with dividend

The $4-billion dividend that Albertsons has agreed to pay shareholders as part of its merger with Kroger is so large that it may violate US antitrust law, according to a group of state attorneys general.

27 October 2022

Northeast Alliance helps JetBlue remain independent, American chair says

The partnership between American Airlines and JetBlue is actually helping the latter remain viable as an independent competitor, American’s chair has testified.

05 October 2022

FTC: Pesticide manufacturers used “loyalty” programmes to maintain monopolies

Syngenta and Corteva illegally thwarted competition for generic forms of their pesticides through anticompetitive rebates, the Federal Trade Commission and 10 states have alleged.

29 September 2022

California tries its hand at pricing parity case

Amazon illegally prevents merchants from offering products at lower prices on other platforms, the state of California has alleged.

15 September 2022

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