Topic: State enforcement

Insurers’ departure from UN climate partnership underlines transatlantic divergence, experts say

A United Nations-convened climate alliance continues to lose members over concerns about US antitrust pushback, leading experts to warn about potential “residual liability” from political-driven enforcement.

31 May 2023

DOJ, states go after Google’s internal docs

Google’s intentional destruction of chat messages prevents the company from claiming privilege over its communications to employees about data preservation, the Department of Justice and a coalition of states have claimed.

15 May 2023

JetBlue: Spirit acquisition is “hardly a substantial threat”

The Department of Justice and a coalition of states refused to acknowledge that JetBlue’s $3.8 billion proposed acquisition of Spirit Airlines would allow air travellers to save “billions of dollars” in tickets, JetBlue has said.

11 May 2023

Enforcers report witness struggles

Some of the strongest potential witnesses in criminal antitrust cases lack the incentive to testify, a Department of Justice official has said.

05 May 2023

Appeals court rejects states’ “odd” case against Meta

A New York-led coalition of states waited too long to bring their monopolisation lawsuit against Meta Platforms, the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit has held.

28 April 2023

Louisiana hospital seeks to dismiss or transfer FTC unreported deal challenge

The Federal Trade Commission cannot bring claims against Louisiana Children’s Medical Center in Washington, DC, for unlawfully failing to disclose its acquisition of three hospitals, the defendant has argued.

26 April 2023

DOJ: Too soon for Google to challenge market definition

The Department of Justice says it is far too early in litigation for Google to be opposing how the government defines digital advertising markets.

12 April 2023

Cooley: more states considering merger notification regimes

A growing number of states are drafting statutes requiring pre-merger notification, the chair of the antitrust task force for the National Association of Attorneys General has said.

03 April 2023

Criminal Section 2 case ends with probation for highway contractor

The DOJ’s first criminal monopolisation charge in 45 years has resulted in a sentence of three years probation, six months of house arrest and a $27,000 fine.

31 March 2023

DOJ gerrymandered digital ad market, Google says

The Department of Justice’s definition of the antitrust market for digital advertising is far too narrow to justify its monopolisation and tying claims, Google has said in a motion to dismiss.

29 March 2023

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