Topic: Standalone claims

Sony faces £5 billion competition class action in the UK

A consumer rights advocate is seeking up to £5 billion in damages from Sony on behalf of nine million consumers that allegedly overpaid for digital games or in-game content when making purchases from the PlayStation Store.

22 August 2022

Former CMA chair files first UK crypto competition class action claim

Lord David Currie, former chair of the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority, has filed the country’s first proposed collective antitrust action in the digital assets market, seeking over £9.9 billion in damages from four leading cryptocurrency exchanges.

04 August 2022

Israeli Supreme Court modifies excessive pricing test in landmark Coca-Cola decision

The Supreme Court of Israel has ordered a district court to reassess its decision to certify a class action claim accusing Coca-Cola of excessive pricing, while it also confirmed for the first time that collective actions can be based on such infringements.

27 July 2022

Objections to boundary fares class certification are premature, Gutmann argues

Criticism of Justin Gutmann’s proposed methodology for proving that around three million train passengers were double-charged for parts of their journeys is overblown and can be resolved at trial, his counsel has told a UK appellate court.

15 June 2022

Train operators urge UK appellate court to undo class certification

Two train companies facing a £93 million collective action for allegedly double-charging some passengers on journeys to and from London have attacked the lead claimant’s proposed methodology in their bid to overturn the lawsuit’s certification.

14 June 2022

Collective and individual UK interchange fee claims could be heard together

The UK’s specialist competition tribunal is considering whether to combine proceedings in Walter Merricks’ multi-billion collective action against Visa and Mastercard with the scores of pending individual claims lodged by retailers when common issues such as pass-on arise.

23 May 2022

Parallel class actions launched against Google and Apple in Portugal

A Portuguese consumer protection group has filed parallel opt-out competition class action claims against Google and Apple on behalf of consumers that allegedly overpaid for their mobile applications due to the companies’ app store rules and the commissions they charge.

23 March 2022

BT challenges certification of opt-out excessive pricing claim

Telecoms company BT has told an appeals court in London that the UK’s Competition Appeal Tribunal was wrong to certify a class-action lawsuit against it on an opt-out basis because the class representative can contact practically all members of the class.

15 March 2022

Ryanair calls for stay on UK antitrust litigation

Ryanair has urged a UK court to pause an online travel agent’s abuse of dominance claim against it because the pair are already embroiled in a decade-long commercial dispute in Ireland.

10 March 2022

UK rail network owner liable for £3.8 million in antitrust damages

Network Rail must pay a quality assurance scheme provider £3.8 million to account for the profits it lost out on while the network owner was unlawfully excluding it from the market for three years, the UK’s specialist competition tribunal has ruled.

14 February 2022

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