Topic: Standalone claims

UK claimant defends expert economist methodology in Sony class action

The proposed class representative in a £5 billion opt-out standalone damages action against Sony has rejected arguments that her expert economist’s evidence lacks credibility and incorrectly fails to conduct a two-sided market analysis.

08 June 2023

Sony seeks to quash UK class action claim

Sony has accused the proposed class representative in a £5 billion opt-out damages claim against the company of relying on the wrong theory of harm, as it seeks to strike out allegations consumers overpaid for digital games and content on its PlayStation Store.

07 June 2023

UK tribunal certifies another train class action but rejects government’s intervention plea

The UK’s Competition Appeal Tribunal has certified a second class action claim from Justin Gutmann but rejected the secretary of state for transport’s request to intervene in both mass lawsuits seeking damages from three train operators for allegedly overcharging commuters.

22 March 2023

DG Comp official confirms likelihood of private DMA enforcement

Some provisions of the EU’s Digital Markets Act will be directly enforceable in national courts both in standalone and follow-on claims, although future litigation will clarify the scope of that private enforcement, a European Commission official has said.

22 March 2023

Microsoft beats back private merger challenge

A group of video game purchasers failed to provide any facts to support their allegations that Microsoft’s $68.7 billion purchase of Activision Blizzard violates US merger law, a California federal judge has ruled.

22 March 2023

Israeli Supreme Court annuls damages award in first excessive pricing class action

Israel’s highest court has annulled a decision awarding €4 million in damages to a class of consumers that claimed they overpaid for cottage cheese after ruling a lower court failed to prove the prices were excessive.

21 March 2023

Apple accused of thwarting disclosure again in UK class action claim

Claimants in a £1.5 billion class action claim against Apple have urged the UK’s Competition Appeal Tribunal to order the iPhone maker to explain how it deems 7,000 documents filed to the country’s antitrust watchdog are irrelevant to the lawsuit.

20 March 2023

CAT orders Apple to justify privilege claims in App Store class action

The UK’s specialist competition tribunal has ordered Apple to justify privilege claims on over 900 documents it refused to disclose in Rachael Kent's £1.5 billion class action lawsuit over the company’s allegedly unlawful App Store policies.

27 February 2023

Hausfeld leads Dutch excessive pricing claim against AbbVie

An Amsterdam-based non-profit is seeking a court declaration that AbbVie abused its dominance by overcharging the national healthcare system over €1 billion for its rheumatoid arthritis treatment drug.

22 February 2023

Visa and Mastercard face another multi-billion pound UK interchange fee claim

A UK litigation firm plans to file another competition class action claim against Mastercard and Visa over their multilateral interchange fees, seeking an estimated £7.5 billion on behalf of businesses accepting consumer credit or debit cards.

21 February 2023

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