Topic: Restraint of trade

Wire manufacturers reject allegations of anticompetitive sham research

Two wire manufacturers argue allegations they conspired to exclude a rival during a standard-setting process are simply critiques of research showing a product posed a fire hazard.

25 October 2023

DOJ: dismissal of Tesla lawsuit adds incorrect intent requirement

Tesla correctly asserted a Louisiana federal court applied a standard even stronger than criminal liability when it ruled the carmaker failed to allege the existence of a civil conspiracy involving the state’s auto regulator, the Department of Justice has said.

21 October 2023

Tenth Circuit affirms immunity for Colorado town

A Colorado town is immune from claims it violated US antitrust law by restricting competition for new RV campsites, the US Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit has said.

17 October 2023

Landmark abuse of dominance decision upheld in Portugal

Portugal’s largest energy company has failed for a second time to convince an appellate court to overturn one of the country’s highest-ever abuse of dominance fines.

27 September 2023

Google Play Store consumer class faces decertification

Google is likely to avoid a steep payout to 21 million consumers after a California federal judge backtracked on a previous ruling and excluded the damages calculations of the plaintiffs’ primary expert.

30 August 2023

Switzerland sanctions landfill for offering shareholders lower prices

A landfill in Switzerland is facing a €1 million fine from the Competition Commission of Switzerland for abusing its dominant position in a local waste disposal market by offering lower prices to its shareholders and briefly refusing to serve non-shareholders.

29 August 2023

Oncologist to escape jail time for market allocation charge

A Florida-based oncologist has pleaded guilty to a criminal charge of allocating cancer treatments with a rival more than eight months after the first prosecution resulted in a mistrial.

25 August 2023

Asphalt exec pleads guilty to bid-rigging

The former vice president of an asphalt company has admitted to his role in a bid-rigging conspiracy that affected certain paving services in Michigan.

18 August 2023

Neurosurgeons allege pressure to exit market

A group of independent neurosurgeons have accused St Luke’s Health System of conspiring with a rival clinic to force them out of the Idaho market.

17 August 2023

Judge trims DOJ’s Google search monopoly case

The Department of Justice can proceed with most of its case alleging that Google monopolises the online search market, a federal judge in Washington, DC, has said.

07 August 2023

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