Topic: Price fixing

Forrest: Twombly ruling will be instrumental in future AI cases

Proving the existence of an agreement of minds will prove to be an obstacle for prosecutors bringing collusion cases involving artificial intelligence, a former federal judge has said.

21 September 2023

California unveils additional backdated settlement in Auto Parts case

Meritor colluded with several manufacturers and suppliers to rig bids and fix prices for exhaust system parts, the State of California has claimed in a complaint accompanying a rare backdated settlement with the company.

15 September 2023

Taiwan sanctions telecoms cartel

Taiwan’s two biggest telecoms companies face a €2.2 million fine for conspiring to drop discount mobile plans to force customers to purchase more expensive deals.

14 September 2023

Boehringer Ingelheim first to break ranks in Brazilian cartel probe

Drugmaker Boehringer Ingelheim has struck a settlement deal with Brazil’s competition watchdog, agreeing to pay a €4.35 million fine to end a probe into its role in a nearly three-decade-long conspiracy.

14 September 2023

Netherlands issues second-ever vertical restraints fine

LG has vowed to fight an €8 million fine levied by the Dutch competition authority for issuing unlawful price recommendations to retailers.

12 September 2023

Portugal targets pricing conspiracy linked to rising inflation

An association of condo management providers blamed rising inflation when unlawfully fixing minimum fee caps for its members, a chargesheet issued by Portugal’s Competition Authority has claimed.

12 September 2023

TV purchasers reject Vitamin C comparison

Chinese law did not mandate participation in a price-fixing conspiracy, a class of television and computer monitor purchasers have argued.

08 September 2023

Poland toughens stance on dawn raid obstructions

Poland’s competition authority has imposed one of its largest-ever fines for obstructing a dawn raid after employees at a pair of companies deleted communications from their work phones ahead of a search.

06 September 2023

Data provider accused of orchestrating mobile home cartel

Datacomp and nine mobile home community owners conspired to inflate rental prices to prey on low-income and elderly individuals, two Illinois tenants have alleged.

05 September 2023

Iceland fines Samskip following decade-long investigation

Transport and logistics company Samskip has vowed to overturn a €29 million collusion fine from the Icelandic Competition Authority after the agency deemed its cooperation agreements with a key rival anticompetitive.

04 September 2023

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