Topic: Price fixing

French enforcer sends SO to four electrical equipment makers

France’s Competition Authority has sent statements of objections to four electrical equipment manufacturers alleging that they fixed resale prices, three years after an investigative journal revealed the alleged conduct.

06 July 2022

Finnish Supreme Court upholds insulation cartel fines

Finland’s Supreme Administrative Court has upheld the national competition enforcer’s decision to fine two insulation manufacturers for colluding to fix the prices of expanded polystyrene insulation used in buildings.

05 July 2022

Portugal punishes healthcare cartel with €190 million penalty

The Portuguese Competition Authority has fined five hospitals and their business association €190 million for colluding to fix the prices and certain commercial conditions of public healthcare services for five years.

04 July 2022

CMA secures settlement agreements in construction bid-rigging cartel

The UK’s Competition and Markets Authority has accused 10 construction companies of rigging bids for asbestos removal contracts worth over £150 million, having already agreed settlements with eight of the conspirators.

24 June 2022

Supermarkets hit with eighth hub-and-spoke infringement decision in Portugal

The Portuguese Competition Authority has fined three supermarket chains, a cosmetics manufacturer and one of its managers a total of €19.4 million in its latest hub-and-spoke decision involving the grocery sector, as Auchan continues to deny its role in the cartels.

21 June 2022

Hong Kong enforcer moves to punish suspected air conditioning cartel

Hong Kong’s competition watchdog has accused two engineering companies and three individuals of colluding to fix prices and rig bids for air conditioning work, potentially impacting sales with an overall value of €243 million.

17 June 2022

Taiwan’s Supreme Court reinstates cartel fines against power companies

Taiwan’s top court has reinstated a 2013 decision to fine nine power companies more than €190 million for fixing electricity prices, holding that a lower court erred in cancelling those penalties.

17 June 2022

A Q&A with Brian Poe

The Department of Justice lost its first-ever criminal wage-fixing trial earlier this spring when a federal jury in Texas acquitted John Rodgers and Neeraj Jindal of conspiring to reduce wages for physical therapists. Brian Poe, who represented Rodgers as an independent defence lawyer, spoke to GCR USA about where he believes the government lost the jury and why his client was the wrong trial balloon.

13 June 2022

UK appeals court upholds dismissal of chip cartel follow-on claim

A UK appeals court has rejected Gemalto’s request to overturn a lower court’s decision that dismissed its €480 million follow-on damages claim against smart card chip makers as time-barred, ruling the company did not need to know every aspect of the cartel to file the claim.

10 June 2022

Korea hits more freight shippers with price-fixing sanctions

Korea’s antitrust watchdog has fined 15 freight shippers a total of €60 million for operating a 17-year cartel that fixed prices on routes to Japan, but declined to impose any fines on different liner operators for similar conduct affecting routes to China.

09 June 2022

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