Topic: Price fixing

Philippines to increase scrutiny of pharmaceutical sector

The Philippine Competition Commission has said it will strengthen enforcement in the pharmaceutical sector following a call from the country’s president to ensure cartels are not contributing to high drug prices.

26 July 2022

DOJ says poultry industry illegally shared wage info

Three poultry slaughterhouses have agreed to pay $84.8 million to settle the Department of Justice's claims that they participated in an industry-wide conspiracy to suppress worker wages for over two decades.

26 July 2022

Indonesia accuses 27 cooking oil companies of price fixing

Indonesia’s Competition Commission has accused 27 cooking oil companies of allegedly fixing prices and restricting supply in a high-profile cartel case that has garnered widespread public support.

22 July 2022

Brazil seeks sanctions against bar association for imposing minimum fees

Brazil’s antitrust watchdog is seeking sanctions against a national bar association for publishing a pricing table used by lawyers that set minimum rates for certain legal services.

21 July 2022

Slaughterhouses must face expanded wage-fixing suit

A Maryland federal court has denied five motions to dismiss a lawsuit accusing some of the largest chicken and turkey producers of conspiring to fix the wages of their workers.

21 July 2022

SAMR sanctions cement cartel €65 million

China’s competition authority has fined 13 companies and a local trade association more than €65 million for conspiring to fix the price of cement in the northwest region of the country.

19 July 2022

Hong Kong tribunal approves settlement in tourism cartel case

Hong Kong’s Competition Tribunal has approved a settlement agreement resolving claims brought by the territory’s antitrust watchdog against a hotel and travel service provider for fixing the price of tickets for tourist attractions.

18 July 2022

KFTC fines pair of bid rigging cartels €52.5 million

Korea’s Fair Trade Commission has fined two separate cartels nearly €52.5 million for conspiring to rig bids in the country’s credit card and rail carriage supply markets.

15 July 2022

Portugal sanctions security companies for 11-year bid-rigging cartel

Portugal’s antitrust watchdog has fined seven securities companies €41.3 million for rigging tenders to provide hospitals, universities and public authorities with surveillance and security services.

14 July 2022

CMA probes broadcasters over wage-fixing concerns

The UK’s Competition and Markets Authority has reportedly opened a wage-fixing cartel probe into four sports broadcasters – including Sky, BT and ITV – for potentially fixing the rates offered to freelance workers.

13 July 2022

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