Topic: Price fixing

Arizona: RealPage polices cartel to ensure “no one cheats”

Arizona has accused RealPage of executing a rent-fixing conspiracy that puts “significant pressure” on landlords not to stray from its algorithmic pricing and undermine the cartel.

29 February 2024

Australia still reluctant to imprison individuals for cartel conduct

Australia’s criminal cartel regime is still waiting for its first prison sentences after a national court ruled two waste management executives can serve their punishments through community service and intensive supervision.

26 February 2024

Hilton, Hyatt among luxury hotels facing price-fixing suit

Six major luxury hotel operators illegally shared room prices through a travel subscription service to jack up rates, a private lawsuit has alleged.

22 February 2024

DOJ wrong on the law in egg price-fixing case, Cal-Maine says

Cal-Maine Foods says the Department of Justice penned a “superficial” statement of interest “untethered to the facts” of a case alleging it conspired to inflate egg prices.

16 February 2024

Energizer and Walmart must face price-fixing claims, judge says

A California federal judge has allowed a US retailer and two groups of consumers to proceed with claims that Energizer and Walmart conspired to inflate prices for disposable batteries.

13 February 2024

UK court orders LG to pay cartel damages but slashes overcharge rate

A UK court has awarded three defunct computer manufacturers damages as a result of the EU liquid crystal display cartel but significantly reduced the compensation the claimants were seeking.

08 February 2024

EU raids spur tyre price-fixing suit in US

A proposed class of consumers have alleged that Goodyear, Michelin and other tyre makers conspired to inflate prices and concealed the scheme until the European Commission raided their offices in a related investigation last week.

08 February 2024

Hong Kong court seeks guidance on staggered hybrid settlements

The president of Hong Kong’s Competition Tribunal is seeking further information on how other jurisdictions approach cartel cases involving settling and non-settling parties, but has warned the territory will not blindly follow European precedent.

06 February 2024

KFTC’s landmark shipping cartel decision in jeopardy

A Korean court has held that the country’s maritime regulator has sole jurisdiction over collusive conduct in the shipping sector, putting the national competition authority’s €67 million cartel fines against 23 companies at risk.

05 February 2024

DAF reaches first trucks settlement in Deutsche Bahn claims

DAF has settled follow-on damages claims brought by Deutsche Bahn and over 40 other entities seeking compensation from the EU trucks cartelist.

01 February 2024

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