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Drugmakers and PBMs drive up insulin prices, California says

California has accused Eli Lilly, Sanofi and Novo Nordisk of individually conspiring with major pharmacy benefit managers and abusing their market power to drive up the price of insulin.

17 January 2023

Israel imposes first-ever excessive pricing fine

Israel’s Competition Authority has fined drug distributor MBI Pharma €2.2 million for abusing its dominance by charging unfairly high prices for a life-saving genetic disorder treatment drug, marking the enforcer’s first-ever excessive pricing infringement decision.

14 December 2022

ALJ’s Illumina/Grail decision ignored existing competition, FTC says

The Federal Trade Commission’s administrative law judge misunderstood the market when he ruled that Illumina has no incentive to foreclose competition through its acquisition of Grail because the latter’s early cancer-detection tests are not yet on sale, agency staff has argued.

14 December 2022

Lithuania issues largest-ever cartel fines

Lithuania’s Competition Council has levied a record €72 million cartel fine on eight pharmaceutical companies and an industry association that conspired to influence the government when it set new maximum prices for certain drugs.

13 December 2022

Judge blocks class certification against Takeda, Teva and others

A Pennsylvania federal judge has refused to certify a class of wholesale purchasers of a gout treatment medicine, finding that the claim against several major drugmakers is based on faulty expert testimony that does not hold up to rigorous analysis.

28 November 2022

Pharma executives flouted compliance rules when striking supply agreement, CMA claims

An in-house lawyer at a drugmaker since bought out by Advanz Pharma allowed the company’s most senior staff to hold meetings without strictly abiding by certain compliance rules, counsel to the UK's Competition and Markets Authority has claimed.

23 November 2022

Spain fines drugmaker over €10 million for excessive pricing

Spain’s competition authority has become the latest enforcer to fine Leadiant Biosciences for abusing its dominance by overcharging its national health system for an orphan drug used to treat a rare metabolic disease.

15 November 2022

A Q&A with Robin Feldman

Last month, four academics published a joint paper criticising the increasing levels of concentration in the pharmaceutical sector and raising concerns about how widespread industry practices like common ownership could impede proper merger reviews. GCR USA spoke with UC Hastings College of Law professor Robin Feldman, one of the study’s authors, about the implications of those findings.

11 November 2022

Celgene, Bristol-Myers monopolised cancer drug, pharmacies say

Celgene, Bristol-Myers Squibb and two generic drugmakers engaged in a years-long conspiracy to hinder generic competition for a rare cancer medication, Walgreens and Kroger Pharmacies have alleged.

07 November 2022

Judge certifies eight classes in HIV treatment MDL

A California federal judge has certified eight out of nine proposed classes of purchasers in the HIV antitrust litigation, rebuffing drugmakers’ claims that the plaintiffs “lack typicality and adequacy” to recover damages on a classwide basis.

04 November 2022

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