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Sanofi denies abuse of FDA’s Orange Book

Sanofi-Aventis says that Mylan Pharmaceuticals’ allegations that it illegally cornered the market for long-lasting insulin are merely a mishmash of “antitrust buzz words”.

19 September 2023

FTC to increase Section 5 scrutiny over ‘Orange Book’ abuses

Pharmaceutical companies that improperly list patents in the Food and Drug Administration’s Orange Book could be in breach of rules that prevent unfair methods of competition, the Federal Trade Commission has said.

15 September 2023

Chipmaker rejects “bounty” allegations

Semiconductor manufacturer MediaTek says a rival’s allegations that it hired a patent troll to corner off a market for television chips is a fanciful tale already rejected by the International Trade Commission and a federal judge in Texas.

06 September 2023

Drug purchasers denied summary judgment in Suboxone product-hopping case

Indivior has convinced a federal judge in Philadelphia to allow it to present evidence at trial that its drug Suboxone faces competition from other opioid addiction treatments.

31 August 2023

Italy fines cabling system company for sham litigation

Cable and pipe sealing manufacturer Roxtec must pay a €15 million fine for abusing its dominant position by using patent litigation to discredit the reputation of its closest rival, Italy's Competition Authority has said.

17 August 2023

Biotech company did not file "baseless" bovine genetic patent suits, judge says

Biotechnology manufacturer STGenetics did not violate US antitrust laws when it accused a bovine genetic services provider of infringing nine of its patents to process sexed semen straws because its claims were not “objectively baseless," a federal judge in Wisconsin has ruled.

15 August 2023

Indian competition enforcer lacks jurisdiction over IP disputes, local court rules

An Indian court has quashed separate abuse of dominance probes into Ericsson and Monsanto, ruling that the country’s competition watchdog does not have jurisdiction to intervene in patent-related disputes.

14 July 2023

MediaTek paid “bounty” to initiate meritless patent claims, rival says

The chipmaker Realtek has accused a rival of hiring a patent troll to file meritless litigation in an effort to monopolise the market for semiconductors used in televisions.

08 June 2023

Intel prevails over “vague” monopolisation claims

An inventor of locking device technologies has failed to persuade an appellate court that Intel unlawfully used his patents in a scheme to block rivals from entering the market for computers and central processing units.

09 May 2023

Court rejects patent infringement claims in covid-19 sham litigation case

A covid-19 test manufacturer accusing a rival of sham litigation to monopolise the market for genetic testing using saliva has proven it did not infringe upon any patents, but its new antitrust claims are barred by the First Amendment, a California federal court has ruled.

04 May 2023

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