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Indian court orders WhatsApp to face probe over “take-it-or-leave-it” privacy policy

An Indian court has held that WhatsApp must face a full abuse of dominance investigation by the Competition Commission of India into changes the instant messaging application made to its privacy policy in 2021.

30 August 2022

Eleventh Circuit revives Google advertising lawsuit

A Georgia federal court was wrong to label digital advertising company Inform’s monopolisation complaint against Google a haphazard shotgun-pleading, the US Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit has said.

30 August 2022

Uptick in dawn raids by Indian enforcer going to continue, lawyer says

The Competition Commission of India has become “significantly more sophisticated” in its use of dawn raids and a recent uptick in these searches is only going to increase, according to a leading local antitrust lawyer.

25 August 2022

Meta claims Giphy acquisition must proceed in light of CMA disclosures

The information that the UK’s antitrust authority unlawfully withheld from Meta and Giphy during its initial Phase II probe into their merger proves that the enforcer was wrong to block the already-completed deal last year, the companies have argued.

24 August 2022

Indian technology company accuses Google of “monopolistic practices”

An Indian technology company has slammed Google for allegedly reneging on a promise to help develop the country’s small businesses community and instead engage in monopolistic conduct through a data policy change.

19 August 2022

KFTC promises to improve due process and transparency for antitrust probes

Korea’s competition watchdog has promised to enhance the transparency of its investigations and case handling, including by strengthening procedural rights to comply with global norms.

17 August 2022

Naver raided in Korea over criminal abuse of dominance allegations

The public prosecutor in Korea has raided Naver reportedly over criminal allegations that the e-commerce platform abused its dominance by preventing real estate information providers from selling data to its main rival.

16 August 2022

ACCC launches inquiry into social media services

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has launched an inquiry into the state of competition for social media services, including how businesses use display advertising, sponsored posts and paid influencers to engage with and advertise to consumers.

16 August 2022

EU seeks independent studies on digital remedies and state of competition

The European Commission has issued two separate tender requests seeking external studies into the effectiveness of its remedies in past digital cases and the state of competition in the bloc.

12 August 2022

Korean telecoms regulator probes Apple, Google and local app store

Korea’s telecommunications regulator has launched an investigation into Google, Apple and One Store over the suspected violation of a law prohibiting application marketplaces from barring third-party payment providers.

11 August 2022

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