Topic: Non-competes

France sends SO to alleged air transport cartel

France’s Competition Authority has sent a statement of objections to three companies over allegations they entered into a “non-aggression pact” and undermined competition for certain flights to and from the Caribbean.

21 March 2023

Guernsey court sends non-compete probe back to island enforcer

A local court has set aside the Guernsey Competition and Regulatory Authority’s first antitrust penalty and asked it to reassess its decision to fine the island’s Medical Specialist Group £1.5 million for imposing non-compete clauses in its contracts with employees.

16 March 2023

AG Rantos: Non-competes between potential rivals can restrict competition

Non-compete clauses agreed between potential rivals operating in separate markets must be interpreted as an unlawful market sharing conspiracy unless proven to be strictly necessary for the otherwise lawful partnership, an advocate general at the EU’s top court has said.

02 March 2023

Wilson: Potential path for narrower non-compete rule

The Federal Trade Commission should have proposed a narrower non-compete rule that falls within the scope of its authority, the agency’s outgoing Republican member has said.

27 February 2023

FTC hears mixed reviews of non-compete ban

Federal Trade Commission leadership heard industry group representatives lambast its proposed non-compete ban during a public forum yesterday, although proponents of the rule said the contractual restrictions had upended their lives.

17 February 2023

House Republicans seek answers from FTC on proposed non-compete ban

The Federal Trade Commission’s proposed ban of non-compete agreements is a naked “power grab” that steps outside of its mandate, a group of House Republicans have said in a letter demanding more detail about how it decided on the proposal.

16 February 2023

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