Topic: No poach agreements

DOJ secures no-poach sentencing

A Nevada federal court has ordered a local healthcare staffing company to pay $134,000 for participating in a conspiracy not to hire employees from two rivals.

28 October 2022

Agency officials urge academics to increase research into enforcement outcomes

Senior officials at competition authorities in Spain and France have called on academics to conduct more enforcement impact assessments, while a commissioner at the Italian Competition Authority called for more studies into antitrust issues in labour markets.

23 September 2022

DOJ to secure first no-poach plea

A former healthcare staffing company plans to plead guilty to its role in a conspiracy to allocate school nurses, which would mark the Department of Justice’s first successful criminal no-poach prosecution.

06 September 2022

Eleventh Circuit revives Burger King no-poach case

Burger King franchises are independent competitors capable of colluding not to hire each other's employees, a federal appellate court has determined.

02 September 2022

Canadian court upholds dismissal of hockey class action claim

A Canadian appellate court has upheld a ruling that tossed out a competition class action claim against several North American ice hockey leagues, despite finding the lower court made analytical errors when considering the case.

19 August 2022

DOJ rejects rule of reason argument in trucker no-poach case

The Department of Justice is urging a California federal court to reject claims that an alleged agreement amongst rival transportation companies not to hire each other’s truck drivers could have procompetitive benefits.

18 July 2022

Alston precedent dooms McDonald’s no-poach case

Two former McDonald’s employees cannot pursue no-poach claims against the fast-food corporation because the presiding court said it lacks experience analysing no-hire contract terms.

29 June 2022

Latin America should expect influx of no-poach cases, says former enforcer

Antitrust agencies in South America are following in the footsteps of those in the US and Europe by turning their focus to probing collusion in the labour market, a former Brazilian enforcer has said.

28 June 2022

An interview with Benoît Cœuré

Lawmakers confirmed Benoît Cœuré as the new head of France’s Competition Authority in January, following the sudden and unexpected departure of his predecessor, Isabelle de Silva. In an interview with GCR, Cœuré spoke about accusations of political interference, the need to build bridges with sector regulators and the importance of merger control in preventing excessive market power in digital markets.

24 June 2022

Korea hits more freight shippers with price-fixing sanctions

Korea’s antitrust watchdog has fined 15 freight shippers a total of €60 million for operating a 17-year cartel that fixed prices on routes to Japan, but declined to impose any fines on different liner operators for similar conduct affecting routes to China.

09 June 2022

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