Topic: No poach agreements

Aerospace engineer no-poach case agreement is horizontal collusion, court says

A Connecticut federal judge has rejected motions to dismiss allegations that Raytheon Technologies and Pratt & Whitney secretly agreed to restrict competition for the recruitment of aerospace engineers through a no-poach pact.

24 January 2023

DOJ prosecutions on the rise, but fines plummet

Criminal antitrust prosecutions are near an all-time high at the Department of Justice, but the Antitrust Division secured just $1.4 million in fines last year.

23 January 2023

California judge dismisses antitrust claims against Edison

Three former Southern California Edison employees failed to allege that their former employer illegally prevented them from doing electrical work in the state, a federal court has ruled.

13 January 2023

FTC proposes non-compete ban

The Federal Trade Commission has proposed a legislative rule that would effectively ban nearly all employers from designing contracts that prevent employees from joining or starting a rival company.

06 January 2023

FTC challenges non-competes under Section 5

For the first time in its history, the Federal Trade Commission has sued to prevent three companies from enforcing non-compete agreements because the contractual terms allegedly violate Section 5 of the FTC Act.

05 January 2023

Portugal alleges coronavirus testing cartel

The Portuguese Competition Authority has levelled price-fixing, market-sharing and no-poach accusations at seven of the country’s largest medical laboratories and a national lab association relating to the provision of covid-19 tests.

16 December 2022

DOJ “properly defined” hub-and-spoke no-poach market, court rules

The Antitrust Division did not violate the defence rights of six individuals it has charged with orchestrating a conspiracy through Pratt & Whitney not to hire each other’s aerospace engineers, a federal court has ruled.

06 December 2022

Japan expected to impose record cartel fines on electricity utilities

Japan’s antitrust watchdog is reportedly gearing up to impose its highest-ever cartel fines on three electric utility companies that allegedly agreed not to compete with each other after the country’s electricity market was deregulated in 2016.

28 November 2022

DOJ, FTC and states say lower court erred in McDonald’s no-poach case

An Illinois federal court misapplied basic principles of antitrust law by rejecting claims from two former McDonald’s employees alleging the restaurant’s no-poach agreements stifled competition, the US government and several states have said.

15 November 2022

DOJ secures no-poach sentencing

A Nevada federal court has ordered a local healthcare staffing company to pay $134,000 for participating in a conspiracy not to hire employees from two rivals.

28 October 2022

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