Topic: No poach agreements

Antitrust scrutiny of US labour markets intensifies

Featured in Americas Antitrust Review 2024

The Biden administration is turning up the heat on anti-competitive activity in the employment space, promoting federal agency rulemaking to curtail perceived harmful practices.

25 August 2023

Axon hit with follow-on challenge from NJ town

Police gear manufacturer Axon has illegally ensured its dominance in the markets for body cameras and electroshock weapons since purchasing its “closest and only viable competitor”, a New Jersey township has alleged.

24 August 2023

State AGs back fashion retail employees in no-poach case

A bipartisan group of state attorneys general are calling for the revival of a lawsuit alleging a no-poach conspiracy amongst luxury fashion retailers like Saks Fifth Avenue and Louis Vuitton.

09 August 2023

Turkey bolsters no-poach crackdown with cross-sector fines

Turkey’s Competition Authority has stepped-up its crackdown on no-poach agreements by fining Vodafone, Turk Telekom and 14 other companies over €5 million for agreeing not to hire each other’s employees.

03 August 2023

Chinese pig breeders scrap no-poach agreement after SAMR sounds alarm

The four largest pig breeders in China have withdrawn a pledge not to poach each other’s employees after the country’s antitrust watchdog voiced concerns.

02 August 2023

The ‘No-Poach’ Approach: Antitrust Enforcement of Employment Agreements

Featured in US Courts Annual Review - Edition 4

Aligned with the Biden administration’s commitment to protecting competition in the labour market, recent trends indicate that the Department of Justice has been unable to convince juries to find defendants criminally liable on the antitrust-related claims. Despite this, the Department remains committed to criminally prosecuting no-poach and wage-fixing agreements.

28 July 2023

Seventh Circuit: Key Antitrust Decisions on Everything from Price-Fixing to Healthcare Monopolization

Featured in US Courts Annual Review - Edition 4

Proposed no-poach class actions, Twombly claims and Sherman Act disputes are just some of the issues that the Seventh Circuit have addressed in the past year in an admirably broad docket.

28 July 2023

Software company accused of monopolising market for fitness studio platforms

ClubReady has illegally monopolised the US market for software used to manage boutique fitness studios through exclusive dealing, mergers and no-poach agreements, a potential rival has said.

26 July 2023

Belgium levies first-ever no-poach allegations

The Belgian Competition Authority has accused Securitas, G4S Secure Solutions and Seris Security of conspiring to fix prices, rig bids and implement reciprocal no-poach agreements.

07 July 2023

DOJ learning from no-poach losses, official says

The Department of Justice is speaking to jurors that have acquitted executives accused of colluding not to hire rival employees as it searches for its first criminal no-poach trial victory, an Antitrust Division official has said.

08 June 2023

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